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Five Connective Lakes Volcano Museum

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Five Connective Lakes Geological Park is situated in Wudalianchi city, Heilongjiang Province. It’s the world’s best preserved and most typical volcanic group and is well known for its 14 volcanos and amazing volcanic landforms. Some volcanos formation could be trace back to 12 million years ago. Lava that’s flowing from the crater of the volcano could as long as 10 kilometers, forming five bead-like natural lakes, that’s why it got the name. The lava landforms in the park are many and are varied.

You can see the rare volcanic cone jet, jet dish, also typical rope-shape lava, pictograms lava with very high aesthetic value,volcanic bombs, and lava tunnels. More than beautiful sceneries, you can also get really nice fresh air and taste natural mineral water with extraordinary effect.

My first impression of the park was its size, so big! I felt like I was traveling back time and was trekking in some desolate primeval jungle. Thank god I was with nice tour guide girl the whole time, or I would have completely got lost. So many interesting scenery with different shapes formed by lava, dragon, elephant nose, waterfall, nature did know how to make things. I can’t decide where to watch first so I just went with the crowd.There was also another good-looking thing called “Stone Tower”, about 2 or 3 meters high, also formed by lava, the only difference was it’s formed layer by layer.

Then we came to the highest volcano in the park, we got to the top from the east side mountain walk. The crater is 140 meters deep and with diameters 350 meters. All I could do was to admire nature in awe and feel man's insignificance. I wondered if I fell into the giant hole, if I could end up like the characters in the movie Journey to the Center of the Earth, going on a big adventure or finding something new. Besides, tourists here were allowed to pick up one or two special-shaped lava and bring them home.

You can’t miss the mineral water if you came here. The mineral water here got tons of uses like drinking, medication, cosmetics and a lot more, and has magical healing effect for stomach problems, neurasthenia,high blood pressure and other disease. Local people call it as the “Holy Water”. Every year during Dragon Boat Festival, they would celebrate Water Festival, enjoying the gift of nature.

Rumor has it that the water on 12:00 am from the Dragon Boat Festival is the best, whoever drinks it would be blessed for the whole year. Together with Vichy mineral spring in France and Northern Narzan mineral spring in Russia, they were called "three biggest cold springs of the world". To make the best of unique healing effect of mineral water here, local government have built numbers of minerals spring sanatoriums for those people with needs. .

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