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Five Peaks National Forest Park

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Five Peaks National Forest Park is located in Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province. It is formed by two mountains, covering an area of 3806 acres, the highest peak is 543 meters above the sea level. It has 5 major peaks with different meanings, which are courtesy, intelligence, belief, boldness and fierceness.

What makes it different is that you can still have fun while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the park. Historic relics can be seen everywhere in the park. Besides, the view of yellow leaves in the autumn is absolutely amazing.

What I like about it is its rich culture of Haozhe people and beautiful sceneries in the park. Haozhe People are one of the ethnic groups of northeast China. They are also the only minority that make a living through fishing in north area. Haozhe people believe in Tengri Shamanism and they think all creatures have their souls.

Magic Figure Square is the place where Haozhe people communicate with god. There are some magic figures like House & Mountain God, Valley God and others. Among all the figures, there is one god with human face, he is the God of Gods. People respect him the most. Every year during festival and holidays, the patriarch would worship god with people, hoping for good luck and prosper life in the future.

If you have a general understanding of Haozhe people through Magic figures, you would definitely learn more with totem poles. Poles are carved with various animals, swan, eagle, bear, tiger, deer, all rich in progressive humanism. According to the tour guide, many names of Haozhe people also come from animals. For example, “Shu” come from monoclonius, and “Hu” comes from tiger, very interesting theory.

On half-way up the mountain, there was Crouching Tiger Spring Vila. It encompassed services for catering, shopping and amusement. Back to World War II, Japanese army enlarged the water surface and used as horsepond. The war of aggression against China launched by Japanese militarists caused a huge disaster to the Chinese people, especially to the people in northeast China.

During the invade period, Japanese once built military project secretly in this mountain. Half of the century has gone by, the mountain are still left with 108 forts and military facility spots. Even today, people who have survived through the war were reluctant to talk about that horrible history.

The route to the top is pretty tough. But the nice scenery do give us some comfort, giving us a little bit distraction. Suddenly I heard someone screaming, “There is a spring pond! Guys! Come here!”We hurriedly took out water bottle and got some water, then continued climbing.

After a long hard climbing, we were at the mountain top. There were a an artillery position and a bunker which were all made of cement. Even the defensive wall was about 1 meter thick! In the middle of peak, there is monument in memory of the soldiers who died in the Anti-Japanese War. 

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