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Flying Clouds Over Jade Emperor Hill in Hangzhou

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China’s famous Jade Emperor hill is one of the major tourist spots in the country. As a matter of fact, there are always clouds and mist flying over the top of this hill therefore, it is known as ‘Flying Clouds over Jade Emperor Hill’. The famous attraction has the famous West Lake towards its North and has the Qiantang River close to it towards the south. Also, it connects the Nanping Hill to the huge Cizhu Mountain in the west. This hill has been quite a center of attraction since the old times.


History reveals that in the Liang Dynasty of the South Dynasty, the Buddhist temples were built on Jade Emperor Hill. However, it was fully developed later during the Wuyue State of Five Dynasties. Also, it is known that the temples of Jade Emperor Hill were turned into official Taoist temples in the Ming Dynasty. During the Qing Dynasty the Fuxing Temple that is on the top of the hill and the Ciyun Palace came into existence.

Watch the Majestic Hills

The hill is at the altitude of 239 meters. It is huge and majestic hill. The magnificence and the beauty of the hill become even more dramatic in contrast with the blue sky and the clouds. When the wind flows at good speed, the clouds fly quickly across the hill. During such a beautiful situation, one must stand on the top of the hill on the Dengyun Pavilion and enjoy the sound of wind around your ears. Also, you will be amazed to feel clouds and mist around you. This hill gives you an amazing experience of being in touch with the nature.

Seven Star Pavilion

One astonishing fact about this attraction is that one can reach the top of the hill by taking a 4.23 kilometer long road. On the way to top of the hill one can find Purple Source Cave halfway. This cave has another cave inside and is so big that it can hold about 200 people at a time. There is small garden outside the cave and remains of a field. It is said that the emperor himself tended this field during the South Song Dynasty. There is Seven Star Pavilion above the cave which has seven iron vats on the side of it, each of which is two meters high. It leads to another pavilion where there is big tablet. It is inscribed with ‘Flying Clouds Over Jade Emperor Hill’.

At the South Gate to Heaven, one can see a wall painting titled ‘Auspicious Clouds Escorting Fairies’. The main building of the hill is the Lucky Star Temple, which was previously known as the Jade Emperor Palace. Recently, a restaurant and a teahouse have been added to the building. If you go to the southwest corner on top of the hill, you will reach Ascending Clouds Pavilion. Here you will be absolutely amazed to see clouds flying past your feet. The feeling that you get here is like as if you are in paradise. This place is also known as Ten New Views of the West Lake.

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