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Food Guide of Yangzhou

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Since ancient times, there has been an old saying, "In Yangzhou, you can taste various delicious food." Now Yangzhou delicacies are famed both at home and abroad. With a history of over 2,400 years, Yangzhou is a famous historical and cultural city, with a great number of cultural relics. Yangzhou Cuisine is an important component of Jiangsu Cuisine, and also known as Huaiyang Cuisine

Huaiyang Cuisine is an important school in the Chinese culinary trade. The advantages of Yangzhou's geographical location, natural conditions, politics, economic and culture have speeded up the formation and development of the city's catering trade.
Yeung Chow Fried Rice is the most famous among the entire gamut of Yangzhou cuisine. Nearly all visitors to Yangzhou have tasted the authentic Yangzhou Fried Rice. Yeung Chow Fried Rice is not merely Fried Rice with eggs, it is also known as “Gold wraps silver”. Cooked without eggs, it’s called “Crystal Rice”.Another famous snack in Yangzou is Fuchun Baozi (Fuchun Steamed Stuffed Bun) which is located at Guoqing Road. It sells mainly Baozi at breakfast time and Huaiyang dishes. Baozi in Fuchun is really worth trying despite its price. Yangzhou Food StreetsThe snack street is a most distinctive feature of Yangzhou, you can find them in many places.

Followings are three well-known food streets: Si Wang Ting Road, the road between Xincheng Garden and Nanbaodai and Sunzhuang Road. There are many Yangzhou Snacks with low price but good taste.
Other local Famous Dishes include Red Mansion Banquet, Three-Head Banquet, Lotus Root Banquet, Eight-Treasure Calabash, Braised Pig's Head, "Flying Colorful Butterflies", Pipa Prawns, Chrysanthemum Conches, etc. At the Three-Head Banquet, three famous traditional dishes of Yangzhou are served, i.e., Braised Silver Carp's Head, Stewed Large Meatballs and Braised Whole Pig's Head, which are full of local flavor.

The famous Lotus Root Banquet has its story. Since ancient times, Yangzhou has been known as a land of water, as well as the land of lotus roots. According to the recipes handed down by ancestors, over 50 kinds of dishes made of lotus roots are created by the Yangzhou people and served at the Lotus Root Banquet, which has been spoken highly by both Chinese and foreign customers. Dishes served at Red Mansion Banquet are prepared according to the descriptions in the classical novel A Dream of the Red Mansions. Cao Xueqin, author of the novel, once lived in Yangzhou. Feng Qiyong, a famous expert of A Dream of the Red Mansions, once said that the dishes described in the novel are actually Yangzhou Cuisine.
As for a good destination for tasting local food, Siwangting Road and night markets in Wenchang Road and North Wenhe Road is superb.

Siwangting Road is a famous food street in Yangzhou, and row upon row of restaurants and eateries line the delicacy street. There are two fairly large night markets in Wenchang Road and North Wenhe Road. When night falls every day, the markets are crowded with people, and the roadside bars begin business, selling Yangzhou snacks, mutton cubes roasted on a skewer, earthenware with various kinds of food, etc.

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