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Forests Sea and Strange Stone National Park

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Forests Sea and Strange Stone National Park is located in Tangwanghe county, Yichun city, Heilongjiang Province. It is not some random northern county in China. It has vast expanse of mountains that are formed from different periods, all covered with green forests and various plants. Every year tourists flood here to enjoy the heavenly beautiful sceneries and admire the wonder of nature. What makes here different from other tourist attractions is that here you can see the forests sea and strange-shaped stones both.

The average elevation of stone seas here are 436.36 meters, covering an area of 163.57 square meters. According to the archaeologists, the granite stone seas from here was formed around 200 million years ago, same period as dinosaurs. It’s also the only granite stone seas with the longest history in the country.

There are many hot tourists attractions inside the park which are natural meadow, snow white pine forests, streams and wetlands, ethnic custom park, mountain seeing, stone seas, autumn pine woods and flower seeing. Each one has its own special way of beauty. But all of these do have one thing in common-the fresh air. The Park is covered with numerous trees with different kind, including precious species like Korean pine,larch and spruce-fir Korean pine. According to the tour guide, other than rich oxygen from here, the pine trees can release a substance called enzogenol during enzogenol, which has great health benefits like sterilization, diminishing inflammation and anti-cancer.

There are over 1240 kinds plants and creatures living in this area,with such great natural environment, no wonder it becomes a heaven for life. I’ve always wondered why northeast area is the major production of many traditional Chinese medicines which all have great requirements of environment, now that I am here, I finally know why. Walking through birch woods and listening to the joyful singing of birds, smelling the fresh smell of pine trees, such a land of land of idyllic beauty.

There is an interesting spot called A Gleam of the Sky, which is formed by two giant rocks, one is 26.13 meters and the other 17.97 meters , with a thin crack that only allows one person walk through sideways. They say it’s also a great natural tool to check your health condition. Normal height with standard weight can walk through the crack without too much effort, if you are having trouble walking through, chances are great that you need to lose weight for a little bit.

On the way downhill, we come cross a stream called “Holy Water Stream”, it got the name cuz it’s located under Guanyin Mountain. (Guanyin is a traditional Chinese Goddess). It’s filled with yellow leaves fallen from the trees, so it look kinda yellowish. Regardless its color, it’s actually a clean stream. This reminds me a saying, don’t judge a book by its recover. Now it’s don’t judge a river by its color.

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