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Dali Travel Tips

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Tip 1 : Best Time To Visit Dali

Dali is monsoon climate, therefore the seasons in Dali is not that obvious, the temperature there varies less, and the average annual temperature in Dali is around 15℃. Dali has no extremely hot summer or terrible cool winter. So if you hate the hot summer or the cold winter, want to have a nice summer or winter holiday you may can visit Dali in summer or winter.

But summer or winter is not the best time for traveling Dali. Cause a lot of native Festivals of Dali are holding between March and April. You could watch and feel the thick folk culture from the festival show between March and April. Dali has a great view in March, flowers are everywhere, March is deadly beautiful.

In general, you could visit Dali whenever you want, cause every season is just like lovely spring. But you could watch and feel more native culture between March and April.

Tip 2 : Attraction Tickets

1. The Ji Zu Shan scenic of Binchuan, 60 RMB for each person.
2. The Ji Zu Shan passenger ropeway of Binchuan, 50 RMB for each person.
3. The Cang Shan scenic spot, 30 RMB for each person.
4. The three towers park of Dali + Yingyue park of three towers, 121 RMB for each adult, 62 RMB for each child.
5. The Butterfly Spring Park of Dali, 35 RMB for each person.
6. Chong Sheng Si temple, 69 RMB for each person.
7. The Xiang Yun ancient road, 40 RMB for each person.

Tip 3 : Shopping Guide

If you want to buy some souvenir here for friends, then i am the right person who you should ask. Marble is one of the special local product of Kunming, it’s a good choice to buy marble lamp and marble vase for friends.
And you could see a lot of Bai batik and tie-dye in the ancient town or Xia Guan. These cloths have special Bai nationality feelings, this is also a special souvenir from Dali.

You may can bring some special local snack too. And the Deng Chuan Ru Shan is a very famous food, you can not miss it. You can have it in the market.

Local tea is a good choice for tea lovers. Dali has Xia Guan Tuo tea, and local people shape the tea like a mushroom. This tea has its own smelling, you can have it in every grocery store.

By the way, you can not miss the Huguo road of the Dali city, if you want to buy some special Bai nationality souvenir for friends. You will get several kinds of minority fabric and crafts. And there are some antique stores, this place will surprise you totally.

Hope these three traveling tips could help you all to have a great travel in Dali, just as i did. Have fun there then~~~

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