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Fruits Valley- Best Scenery in Ili

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Fruits Valley(Guozi Gou) is located in the Ili, Xinjiang province, with 28 kilometers in length. In ancient times, it was the key route of the silk road connecting the Central Asia and Europe, thus it’s also called “ Iron Point”.

It is famous for having rich amount of wild fruits inside the valley, as well as tons of pine trees and colorful flowers. The best season to visit here is from May to September. Tourists can take great pictures from any spots of the valley. The top spot of Fruits Valley is the Pine Head, with Sailmu Lake on its north.

Slopes are all over the Fruits Valley, it’s tiresome even on foot walking in it. It is hard to imagine ancient emperor once passed through the fruits valley on horses, such tough journey. Dozens of years ago, there was no road in the area. Now the 30 minute car ride might take a few hourrs on foot. A famous minister from Qing dynasty once made the comment of this place, “ I feel like there is a thousand kind flowers around me in Fruit valley.” The beauty is beyound the words. Only after September in 2011, the first road of the Fruit Valley was offically opened.

Because it’s about 2000 meters about the sea level, it’s filled with high-mpountain pine trees. With green grass as the decoration, it becomes a green wonderland, everything feels so refreshing. Now close your eyes and picture this, you’re sitting in the tour bus on twisting road and looking down from the Fruit valley bridge, blue skys, white clouds above, trees and flowers under the vallley.

The Fruit valley bridge could be really something to look at. It is 200 meters distance from the valley bottom, no wonder it feels like walking on the clouds while on the bridge. On the both sides of the road, there is some camps scattered on the grassland, with self-made advertisement, Selling Fresh Honey.

I met two cute brothers of Kazak minorities, the smile on their face could melt ice. I talked to them for a short while till their father came. When he learnt I was going to take some picture of the Fruit Valley, he told me to go to the other side of the mountain, where I could get the best shot. What a lovely family! Best experience of my this journey. You might see the hillside are decorated with white and grey spots, that’s the animal herd looking for food.

Inside the valley there also grow some precious traditional Chinese medicines that can be used to treat various diseases. But don’t be happy too soon. It’s not that easy to find out if you’re not an herbs expert. You can also see different animals such as wild rabbit, fox, wolf, bear, hog and reindeers, such amazing natural zoo.

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