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Fun Cafes and Restaurants in China

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China is home to some of the major cosmopolitans in the world and of course being one of the trendiest places to hang out this wouldn’t make sense if there weren’t some fun cafes and restaurants to visit. Here are some of China’s most popular themed restaurants and cafes.

Hello Kitty Restaurant (Beijing)

For all the ladies and girls out there the Hello Kitty restaurant is like a dream come true! As I’m sure all females have at one point in their lives been obsessed with this feline friend! The restaurant was opened on 23rd December 2012 and is located in Beijing’s Sanlitun area. The décor of the restaurant as you may have guessed already is completely pink and filled with Hello Kitty embellished accessories. You may also be happy to know that the cuisine is either related to the Kitty or is in the form of kitty!

Hello Kitty Dreams
F408, Shimao Department Store,
3 Gongti Bei Lu
Chaoyang District, Beijing

Charlie Brown Café (Hong Kong)

The Charlie Brown Café is located at Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong and brings back childhood memories for many people. The café is decorated with Charlie Brown and friends and not to forget his accomplice Snoopy! The Café not only serves refreshment and light snacks but also a wide range of burgers and sandwiches.

G/F-1/F, Kok Pah Mansion
58-60 Cameron Road
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Robot Restaurant (Harbin)

The world of futurama is now dawning on us! The new revolutionary way to dine can be experienced in Harbin, talking about dining with a twist this restaurant located in Harbin is definitely unique. The restaurant has 20 robot members of staff that have roles as cooks, waiters and busboys. These robot geniuses should not be underestimated, in the kitchen there is dumpling robot and noodle robot cooking up a storm! The robot waiters greet guests upon arrival and deliver food to customers, the clever little inventions also entertain their guests with a song whilst guests tuck into their sci-fine dining!

The robot restaurant was initially opened to showcase the robots and has proven to be a popular place for guests due to its individuality. All robots were created and designed by Harbin Haohai Robot Company, the robots come with a hefty price tag estimated at 200,000-300,000RMB. So it looks like our robotic counterparts will not be replacing our human jobs so soon! However, this futuristic restaurant is well worth a visit!

Basement, 51 Xi Liu Dao Jie (West Sixth Street)
Harbin, China
Phone: 0451 8898 2888

Teddy Bear Thai Restaurant (Shanghai)

If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise. Today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic! Well if you’re ever visiting Shanghai with the kids or you are a big teddy bear fan yourself taking a trip to this restaurant will enlighten your day. You will be greeted by a range of teddy bears that are located in all corners of the restaurant. What’s more you can also enjoy teddy bear inspired gourmet and if you don’t want to cut a lonely figure you can also have one of the teddies sit with you during your visit! All visitors to the restaurant give its cuisine and interior a paws up!

No 23, Lane 248 Tianzifang
Taikang Road, Shanghai 

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