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Gemu Goddess Mountain with Lasting Appeal

 2014-06-16    Young    Sights    Yunnan    2034  

The Gemu Goddess Mountain is sometimes referred to as the Lion Mountain, also the Mosuo Fairy Mountain around the present Lugu Lake region. Apart from travelling the bright pearl on the plateau, of the numerous places of cultural interest in the Lugu Lake scenic zone, the one that holds out the greatest attractions to sightseers is without doubt the Gemu Goddess Mountain. The Gemu Goddess Mountain is said to be the highest peak with an elevation of about 3754.7 meters above sea level in the Lugu Lake scenic zone.

Lion Mountain stands rock firm in the north of Lugu Lake. There is a most enchanting sight of fantastic stone pillars, well situated on the place. Visitors could overlook the vast expanse of Fengdao Island from the lake, as of dragons rising out of the river and chasing the pearl in the lake.

The most dynamic and spectacular of the mountain would be looking into the distance. When you stand on the place stretching far into the distance, through the beautiful Lugu Lake farther out the mirror of water and cast your eyes to the magnificent and large tall Gemu Goddess Mountain, it’s as of being in an exquisite and fairy refinement.

The water here is quite clear, rippling and transparent. Every tree and every blade of grass is so prosperous or green. Even the air here is extremely fresh and sweet. You can get a hearty experience of nature's primeval and mysterious beauty, and the heterogeneous visitors have become deeply attached to its beauty of the kind. Grey tones used in the Gemu Goddess Mountain are smooth and not stick to one pattern, giving us not only a strong and contrast visual impression but also a sense of being broad and profound. But when it's almost completely covered with plant life, it revealed green. The size of this mountain is quite similar to a lion, hence the name as the Lion Mountain.

Visitors could choose to set out from Old Road behind the Dazunaxi Village, walk through the Boxi wood and reach at the Goddess Temple and the Goddess cave. According to legend, this mountain was used to be the place where the Mosuo Goddess stayed. Around the mountain is the famous Lugu Lake shaped like a shape of half moon, and you might need to make a successful ascent of the Goddess Peak so as to have a bird's eye view of the Lugu Lake.

As the Zhuanshan holiday approached, the Mosuo villagers all mounted to the top of the hill, and an growing number of tourists were attracted to the mountaintop by its reputed fame and in time it became known in many parts of the world as a sacred place of worship for the Goddess.

Local Mosuo villagers all colorful clothes and their ranks had queued up like a gorgeous long dragon from the foot to the top of the hill. Needless to say, among over 100 famous mountains in various places in China, Gemu Goddess Mountain set the world on fire with its special festive, the worshipping team and moving music.

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