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Get Immersed in Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

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What an ordinary visit to a aquarium could be? You reach the entrance, get and redeem your ticket, then struggle yourself from the crowd to grasp a glimpse of the sea creatures inside the small windows, and end your day with dragging limbs and a bag bulged with souvenirs, which ,again, is the result of long waits in queue. This stereotype on aquarium experience, however, could be cast away if you set your foot onto Chimelong Ocean Kingdom. This world’s largest aquarium has raised the bar of aquarium experience.


Your fascinating ocean journey kicks off as you enter the Ocean Avenue, the very first stop of the 8 fun-filled themed zones of the kingdom. As you stroll along the sidewalks decorated with vivid corals and rocks mocking the ocean floor, you cannot ignore the greetings from those marine creature on the LED screen overhead.


Ocean Avenue just as the appetizer, the Ocean Beauty zone will offer you more enjoyments with a perfect blend of technology and aesthetics design. In this captivating deep sea exhibition area, you will encounter over 15,000 rare marine animals, such as manta rays, sharks and sea turtles. What makes this experience unparalleled is the Guinness Book of World Recorded recognized underwater viewing dome and aquarium window. Thanks to this, you and animals no longer just stare with each other between a tiny glass window. Instead, the world’s largest acrylic panel window offers you a panoramic view and up-close interaction with these friends from the sea.


So far you may not get content with only visual enjoyment, so the next stop - Dolphin Theater - would indulge you with both visual and audio refreshments. Here these talented dolphins and actors interact and perform to show the complete harmony between animals and humans. The high note comes as the camera scans around  for lucky visitors  to receive kisses from these adorable dolphins. You would be one of these lucky guys!


Even your view about aquarium experience has been broadened by these facilities and activities aforementioned, you can be greed to expect more from your dining experience! Here in Chimelong, you don't have to say goodbye to these adorable animals before approaching for food. Just imagine having close encounters with penguin while savoring global gourmet in the marine-themed Emperor Penguin All Day Dining.



Revitalized by the delicious world cuisines, enjoyments outdoor are equally fanscinating. Float parade and an incredible fireworks finale over the Hengqin Ocean are the most favored by visitors of all ages.


Do not want to wave goodbye to this excitement-filled paradise? Prolong and relive your memories with exquisite souvenirs and photos taken with perfect selected background. In each of the 8 themed zones, gift shops are available featuring a distinct theme.

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