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Glamorous Mount Fengyang in Zhejiang

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Fengyang Mountain lies to the southeast of Longquan City in Zhejiang Province, covering an area of about 23 square kilometers. The natural protection zone is blessed with a rich variety of plant resources, among which the Pseudotsuga menziesii of East China and other 20 species are on the list of national rare and endangered conservative plants list. Fengyang Mountain has always enjoyed its laudatory title cool world and nature park, which is a great boon to come to for a holiday and rest, tourism and summer.

Its maximum temperature at its extreme is only about 30.2 degrees. There're a hundred scenic sights in the preserve, among which Huangmaojian with the altitude of 1,929 meters above sea level is the highest peak in the prosperous Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, and Fengyang Lake is the artificial lake with the highest altitude in the entire province, and Fengyang Temple is the world mushroom cultural heritage site.

Fengyang Mountain is not only the typical nature reserve in the types of forest ecosystems which its main protection objects is the typical sub-tropical forest ecosystem, plants and animals under special state protection, but also lots of natural beauty with very few exquisite carving, which makes visitors marvel at the daedal hand of nature. The scenery of many exotic flowers and unusual trees, rare birds and animals is another wonder. It's an area historically known as the cradle of ancient animals and plants in East China.

The azaleas are no fewer than a dozen of species, which could form a Dujuan Valley with the peculiarly spectacular landscape. The place is not only the world of flowers, but also one natural forest park as the various plants typical specimens’ origin. Staying in the woods, the scenic spot is blessed with the chirping of birds and hum of insects, the visible spring, macaque leaping with joy and a reduced number of the country's rare animals.

The fall of the foot and top of Fengyang mountain had reached over 1,920 meters, which has nearly covered full range of subtropical plants, the frequency order of vegetation types from the foot to the top of the hill are alpine meadow, coniferous forest, broadleaf and coniferous mixed forest, and broad-leaved forest. What strikes us most here is coolness, with a mean daily temperature of only 12 degrees centigrade.

Within the scenic beauty of complex and varied terrain, the picturesque and curvaceous peaks, the rugged and forbidding canyons, the crisscrossed valleys, the most common sight is the overhanging precipices and perpendicular cliffs. Fengyang Mountain has its own uniqueness and features every day year in and year out.

Wild flowers blossom everywhere in the spring; the scenic spot enjoys the reputation of cool world in the summer; in late autumn the mountains and fields are covered with the red autumn leaves of the same kind, better far than the oil painting with magnificent autumn landscape under the artist's character; it's all covered with ice and snow during the cold winter, especially the most thrilling spectacle is the cedar laden with icicles. 

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