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Glorious Luokeng Reservoir in Guangdong

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Located in the Luokeng Town in the northern Dianbai County in Guangdong Province, the well-known Luokeng Reservoir was established in 1960. It has always been known as a land of green hills and clear waters in quiet and tasteful surroundings. Surrounded by green mountains and flowing rivers, Luokeng Reservoir still retained the perfect condition of a fresh and lovely environment, light and bright air because of a good break away from the industrial pollution in the city.

The greatest attribute of the reservoir is its pure and crystal water quality. The pollution- free surface of the water just resembles a translucent jade bracelet with a single and translucent colour, as well as great stretches of gently rolling green mountains on all sides and stork-like birds which appeared gleamingly, which will remind you of the back-to-nature enjoyment.

Since that the reservoir is surrounded by green hills on all sides, small fresh green islands are seen everywhere. Among which there's one cave that is called as Fairy Cave by local people. It's a site where people on holiday prefer to play. The reservoir derives in the main from the northeastern Ehuangzhang with the altitude of 1,348 meters above sea level, which is also the highest peak within the boundaries of Dianbai County.

When you get to the top of the mountain, you could enjoy an unobstructed view of the whole Dianbai. The summit commands a good view on a clear day of the landscape all around, the peak and the reservoir will be merging with each other as far as the eye could reach.

There're two tiny natural islands buoyant on water in the middle of the reservoir. Fog wrapped these islands that are partly hidden and partly visible, like two slenderly tall girls in veils. On the island were dense woods and pleasant shade, thus it's at a lower temperature than its surroundings. The villa and hotel have been built on the islands, which have become the ideal places for the queen of summer resorts, sanatorium, conference and tourism.

Visitors could go for a sail and wander about on the lake, trace up the source and inquire into the origin, and absorb the beauty of stockade village and villa along the way to your heart's content, like entering into another world, the pleasurable feeling arising spontaneously.

Travelers have been drawn to the heating waters from the hot springs scattered randomly at the riverside at the foot of Reshui Mountain. Whenever I think of Luokeng Reservoir, the first images that spring to mind are always the beauteous landscapes and doubly splendid hot springs not yet tainted by human development.

There is an ideal natural seawater bathing beach built onto the Tiger's Head Hill scenic spot. And it is famous far and wide for its gently sloping and broad sandy beaches. It has always been known as the Beidaihe in South China for its white and soft sands, and crystal clear seawater. There's Fangji island shaped like the olive that is easily the largest of all the islands.

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