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Gone with the Sea

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Winter is coming! There is going to be a marked drop in temperature in the northern part of China. While there is a “ Natural Greenhouse” island in the southernmost of China -- Hainan Island. It is always warm all the year around no matter the weather or the people. Hainan is also known as “the Hawaii of China”. So why not come and enjoy the forever- warm sunshine, taste yummy seafood, accompanied the coconut trees’ shadow and put yourself between the clear sky and azure blue sea. It is a dreaming paradise for holiday and relaxing.

When it comes to Hainan Island, “Sanyahaijiao” first occurs to our mind. The grotesque rocks are one of the marvelous spectacles in the world. They stand still beside the sea and never move as the tide flow and ebb. No one can help visiting this place when he once to this island.

“Tianya” stone also called “Peaceful stone”, which is the symbol of Tianyahaijiao scenic spot. It is surrounded by sand and sea water.

It looks like a stark and lofty mountain in the edge of south sea in distance. While it is a huge rock stone when you look it closely. A Chinese idiom “firm as a rock”, the rock refers this stone. This is a time honored rock stone and stand here over thousands of years. It is said that in the Qing dynasty an officer traveled here and then had a group of gravers to carve two Chinese characters “天涯” on the rock stone to pray that the country flourishes and people live in peace. The circumference of the stone is around 60 meters, and the height is about 10 meters. At the bottom of the stone, four Chinese characters “海阔天空” were carved. There goes the story that the stone ancestor nominated this stone to guard the south sea, to make the sea peace and protect the local people.

This solid stone also symbolizes the firmness love. Nowadays, more and more young couples come here to spend their honeymoon and wish that their sweet love could last till the sea run dry and the rocks crumble.

Since this auspicious stone and beautiful natural scenary, an international wedding day be held there in November every year. Then the whole island is immersed in a jubilant and romantic atmosphere.

After your curiosity of the rock stone is satisfied, you must want to experience the soft beach and warm sea water. Then Sanya harbor is one of the best options for it is the biggest harbor in Hainan Island and the beach stretches 22 km. The easternmost of the harbor is the Sanya port,and the coconut trees standing aside the sinuous coastal road to the Tianya harbor. The sand in this harbor beach is soft and smooth; the coconut trees make a pleasant shadow. All these azure sea water, green trees, golden sand and blue sky constitutes a beautiful scenary line. This long harbor is divided into three sections--- the amusement and sightseeing area, the public swimming and on sea activities area, and the leisure vacation area.

Swimming, walking,finishing and eating sea food are four indispensable activities here.

To swim in the sea is very different from you swim in a river, a pond or a swimming pool. When you jump into the sea, you will feel the tolerance and forgiveness of the sea, you will feel that floating on the sea likes you were a child lives in a mother’s caressing arm. If you can swim just go to embrace the warm sea water. If you don’t know how to swim, then use a life jacket for protecting yourself and enjoy it.

One of coziest and most romantic things you can do here is walking slowly over enjoying the changeable scenary of the sea horizon during sun setting. The endless sea besides, the fresh and clear air round, the coconut trees swaying in the salt smells breeze, walking slowly under the twilight. It seems that you are in a fairy tale.

Without swimming, playing and enjoying, eating is always an important part during the visiting. No wonder sea food comes first for this island is the hometown of sea food.In the late afternoon, you can go with local fisher to catch fish and experience fish-man’s daily life. What you have got in it is your dinner raw material. I believe that dinner will be the most delicious one you will have ever eaten.

When you visit here, you will be bewildered by the gorgeous scenery and fantastic environment and forget all the troubles and sorrows. Once you are here, you will never want to leave this heavenly place, and just want to say let me gone with the sea.

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