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Goodbye, Nanning!

 2011-10-13    Gladstone    Sights    Nanning    2577  

This is Qingxiu Mountain after the rain, and Nanning people also call it Qingshan Mountain. This adjacent water hill can be regarded as the best landscape in Nanning, where there is not much tourism resources.

Early spring is the most beautiful season in Nanning, just like a fairyland. Fog lightly shed on the surface of lake, so the trees, bridges, pavilions and all scenes are covered with hazy white gauze.

The green plants on the hills show their variety of beautiful posture in the rain world: the light and fresh beside the bridges, the delicate shoots, and the jungle and deep forest...

Located in the south of the Tropic of Cancer, Nanning is an evergreen of Green City, whether it is summer or the late winter, early spring or late autumn, there are always green branches.

That hill beside the river…that lake on the hill…that Longxiang Tower…that evergreen leaf…that Water Drop on the green branch…

A branch of red leaves came out from the green branches…

In the pool, the red fish glide about and jump in their free world. I thrown the fish food into the poor water and these greedy and lovely fish rushed to the food immediately.

The early spring rain wash the tree branches leaves very clean, but such clean and fresh green seems to bring out that mouthwatering fruit.

In addition to the Qingxiu Mountain at the bank of the Yongjiang River, South Lake Park which is located in the city center should be my another paradise in the memories.

If you walk here during the day, on matter it is hot summer or late autumn, you will feel the natural fresh from the bustling city.

At dusk, if you sit at the banks of South Lake, you will see the setting sun falling and the sparkling waves of water.

If you wait until deep night at the South Lake shore, you will see the most beautiful night view of South Lake. Bright lights show the development of Nanning.

Lingering along the bank of South Lake…

The booming lotus in Guangxi University…

The annual Nanning International Marathon

Nanning is beautiful and colorful…

In the spring sunshine, those delicate strawberries wait for us to pick.

Walk on the tree-lined path…

The red rose, full of love…

The March peach blossoms is the famous scenery in Nanning, there may be a beautiful fairy hidden in the fields in the pink flower.

Heng County won the reputation of “Hometown of Jasmine” for the sea of white jasmine.

Throughout the year, from spring to winter, the warm Nanning has been surrounded by flowers, which makes Zhuang Autonomous Region is always so beautiful.

This is the picture shot in the Mid-Autumn night last year. Farewell, Nanning…

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