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Gorgeous Ketianxia Scenery in Meizhou City

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Meizhou is the hometown of Marshal Ye Jianying, a great proletarian revolutionist and it is a place that is famous for many renowned personalities. It's an attractive and appealing golden travel line with countless beautiful, natural and constructed scenery. So we can say that Meizhou is a remarkable place where outstanding people and quantities of aggregation of humanity are assembled. The historical cultures gradually accumulated year by year, settle and bring up strong local culture characteristics of this place for thousands of years.

Meizhou is an extremely beautiful city as far as I could see. Sky is exceptionally clear above the city and the beaches and greenery strikingly charming. What's more, the people in Meizhou are all very warm-hearted which makes many people want to settle down there. Despite the fact that it's not a large city, there is a great amount of trees in the gorgeous city.

As a matter of fact, there is much less air pollution in Meizhou than many other cities. When you just go through the wide corridors, the scent of rose-leaves are almost everywhere. I suppose you would like to have a rest amid the singing of birds and the fragrance of flowers as well as take a good look at the murmuring flowing water.

There are a great many delicious foods and fruits in Meizhou. For example, the shaddock is widely known throughout the world with a story which tells that Pomelo was once known as shaddock after Captain Shaddock who brought the seed to America from the East Indies.

Besides, the one scene is Ketianxia which offers as one of the most impressive tour line. In this picturesque place, the transportation is quite convenient at Mei Jiang river banks and the Chiangnan three horizontal streets are famous as "the Guest World" for it attracts lots of travelers every day.One of these striking tourism resources is "Hakka Culture" that originated from Hakka and later became an essential integrant of Chinese culture. Its enchantment and beauty create a sort of deep, intoxicating and cloudy mysticism. I have never seen that before, so I felt it quite impressive. Never before could you feel so keen to leaning about the meaning of that magic and mystery of Hakka Culture until you went there.


Ketianxia is such an amazing place full of glittering and exquisite natural scenery. When it is seen with a telescope, the whole "Hakka Scenery" is an unforgettable. Furthermore, there are two kinds of extremely different scenery in the day and at night. I enjoy it at night because the scenery is fascinating. For the scenery at night is so enchanted that makes me linger with no thought of leaving.

How perfect it is! I believe there is nothing that can be better than the nature beauty in Meizhou which is clean with the fantastic scenery and fresh air. Besides, the atmosphere there is lively and down to earth. The villages inside the Hakka scenery were all like the artworks created synthetically by nature and manpower, and the architectures there reflect the Chinese people's way of life and embody their yearning to live in harmony with our mother nature!


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