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Gorgeous Scenery of Wulong Karst in Chongqing

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Unique and incredible karst landscapes and karst caves are mainly seen in province of Guangxi, western Guangdong, eastern Yunnan and southern Guizhou. Renowned karst tourism attractions in China include tourism attractions like of Guilin landscapes, Yunnan Stone Forest, Jiuzhaigou Valley of Sichuan, Huangguoshu Waterfall, etc. Among all those karst landscapes, Yunnan Stone Forest, Guizhou Libo karst landscapes and Chongqing Wuling karst landscapes are three outstanding representatives.

Wulong karst landscape, as its name suggests, is located in Wulong County which is about 139 kilometers away from the downtown of Chongqing Municipality. Wulong karst landscape contains three karst areas, including the Three Natural Bridges, the Houping Tiankeng and Furong Cave. These karst landscapes are remarkable cases to study the evolution history of the earth and are important records of life on the earth. Also, the changeable and peculiar, fantasy and marvelous spectaculars the landscape brings charms a lot of tourists there.

Furong Cave
The Furong Cave located on the bank of the beautiful Furong River is reputed as “the most beautiful underground place in China”. This cave has a large size covering an area of 37,000 square meters with a length of 2,700 and both a width and height of 30-50 meters. Furong Cave has abounds in various speleothems and sediment, and formed more than 300 scenic spots in the cave.
Those speleothems, helictites, calcites, stalactites and crystalline gypsum flowers of various unique shapes have created a feast to your eyes. Some are clear and crystal, some are strange and peculiar, some are pure and delicate, some are exquisite and magnificent, all these have created a fantasy world. Observation and imagination are required when enjoying the spectaculars in Furong Cave. Now the Furong Cave is equipped with modern facilities to reflect its artistic effects. When the colorful lights cast on the speleothems, Furong Cave, “the bright-colored and splendid underground arts palace”, would surely surprise you.

The Three Natural Bridges
The Three Natural Bridges are a series of natural limestone bridges, including Tianlong Bridge, Qinglong Bridge and Heilong Bridge. Situated above a deep gorge in a length of 1.5 kilometers and with an average height of more than 200 meters and an average width of over 200 meters, the Three Natural Bridges form the largest natural bridge cluster in Asia.
This karst landscape created from tectonic uplift and the erosion by the underground water is a natural wonder with the magnificent three bridges and two grand pits. You will see the spectacular of a dragon ascending to the heaven in the Tianlong Bridge when the waterfall pours over the bridge and forms a mist after the rain, which presents a colorful rainbow when the sunset reflects on the mist. Also the long arch passage and the winding streams in the Heilong Bridge are also geographical wonders in this karst landscape.

Houping Tiankeng
Houping Tiankeng is said to be the first Tiankeng cluster typed of erosion found in the world. It is an intact integrated karst ecosystem to include gorges, dolines, shafts, underground caves, underground rivers and streams. Covering an area of 150,000 square kilometers, Houping Tiankeng has been finely conversed with outstanding karst landforms. Grand sized with a depth and diameter of 300 meters, Houtian Tiankeng is alive and fresh evidence for geological evolution. It is a great place for scientific study, also great for eco-tourism. 

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