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Gorgeous Shi‘e Lake Scenery Area

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Scenic Spot and Historic Site of Shi'e Lake is located within the territory of Taoxitan village about 7 kilometers west of Wuyi County, with an area of about 10 square kilometers. Within the scenic beauty of the green hills that rode up and down and away to the far off mountains, complicate lithology, great rupture development, all these features could contribute to the formation of the complex and varied terrains and landforms.

The scenic spot is in the subtropical monsoon climate zone, with nice and mild climate as well as four distinctive seasons. The scenic beauty with the altitude ranging from 1-3 meters could contrast sharply and to each other's advantage with luxuriant forests, beautiful peaks and crystal clear waters. The beauty spot is distinguished by picturesque rock, lovely lake, famous temple and historical sites of the great Red Army revolution.

Shi'e rock is composed of a huge rock and a spacious cavern at the rockslide, which resembled from a distance the stone goose soaring high over the land. The spacious cavern also just likes the mouth of the goose. Hence the name Shi'e rock. Shi'e cavern had about several meters in height, and the bottom of the cave covered about 2,500 square meters.

When it rained, the huge waterfall at the back of the cave ran down in plashing streams into the sky, covered the entire mouth of the cave. The kind of scenery is reminiscent of the Water Curtain Cave at the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit. In a recess in the rocky cliffs behind the cataract is a cave. Lying hidden by the sheets of water cascading down, thus it is called the water-covered cave.

There's one immovable stone column about one hundred of feet in length lying across the western side of Shi'e Rock, which is vulgarly referred to as the fairy bridge. The bridge with over 30 meters in height and more than 10 meters in width spanned across the two mountains. The deck is quite flat, people and cattle could cross the bridge as easily as on smooth ground, reputed as the first bridge of Jiangsu and Zhejiang. There's the dark gulf under the bridge.

When the rainfall is very plentiful, the raging stream bricker the deep valley under the bridges. There's one Jiaolong temple reservoir with a total holding capacity of well over 2.35 million cubic meters behind Shi'e rock, which had formed the artificial lake. The cold spring and cascading waterfall around the man-made lake that outcropped from the deep valley had a real charm. The surrounding mountainous stones of pictographs were strikingly true to life.

There's the Stone Lion Mountain at the north of the lake, stone elephant at its south. Standing at the large Gui Mountain with the astonishing lifelike shape at the east side of the lake, visitors could see and enjoy the wonderful scenery. There're dozens of caves that surround the Shi'e Rock, which are not only blessed with the particular shape of its own, background and the endless classical references. 

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