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Gorgeous and Picturesque Autumn Scenery at the Border of China and Kazakhstan

 2012-10-29    Topkara    Sights    Altay    3694  

After several hours of car driving from Kanas village, we arrived at the border of China and Kazakhstan. Standing at the viewing platform at the border of China and Kazakhstan, I saw gorgeous autumn everywhere from the rolling hills.

It was still rainy. I was wandering in the rain, quietly enjoying the splendor of the China and Kazakhstan border, exceptionally excited. Look afar, rolling and misty mountain peaks, like a fairyland. At the foot of the mountain, a meandering stream running through in front of my eyes. The river is border river - Haba River in the Kazakhstan. Haba River is not very wide, shaped like a floating silk, flowing gently.

In the wet autumn, I hovered on the edge of the barbed wire of the border line, various prohibiting notices to warn not climbing over impressively, really majestic. There is a boundary tablet stands high, and many tourists were scrambling to take photographs with the tablet.

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