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Grand Chishui Waterfall Scenic Spot

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Chishui Waterfall Scenic Spot is in the south part of Chishui City in Guizhou Province, also at the upstream of Fengxi River that is a stream tributary to the Chishui River. The scenic area belongs to the National Grade AAAA tourism scenic spot, only over 30 kilometers away from the downtown of Chishui City. It's the important composition part of Chishui national-level scenic spot. Chishui Waterfall Scenic Spot is one of the key components of Chishui Danxia landform that applies for the world natural heritage.

Chishui Waterfall Scenic Spot is also known as Shizhangdong Waterfall Scenic Spot where the Shizhangdong Waterfall with about 76 meters in height and 80 meters in width is not only the largest waterfall in the Danxia Landform of our country, but also the largest waterfall in the Changjiang valley in China. And there're some other multiple waterfalls nearby where you can appreciate the great scenic sight.

There's a deep canyon where a rushing river pours over mighty water falls from over-hanging cliffs. The water was just like ten thousand stampeding horses, a roaring tidal wave. Here the large body of water comes plunging down on the rocks below, creating a thundering, soul-stirring boom that can be heard for miles around, like the noise of ten thousand horses galloping ahead.

Within hundreds of meters, the waterfall splashes itself down into the innumerable sprays, which would immediately change a colorful rainbow in the glimmering sunshine. The shining mist of the waterfall splashed by sun and turned into the rainbow in a cascade of color. What will be even more amazing will be that visitors could view the magic halo of the Buddha occasionally, moving with passengers. The scenery is truly a feast for the eyes.

Surrounded by range upon range of high mountains and lush growth of trees, the Chishui Waterfall is situated in the midst of superb natural scenery. There was one touching legend about the scenic spot. Standing in front of the bottomless Longnv Pool and enjoying the grand waterfall, people would hear the touching story about the third daughter of the Dragon King.

The story goes that the Shizhangdong district had one long drought in the distant past, and the third daughter of the Dragon King cast a spell on the showers without permission in order to save everything on earth when the old Dragon King was not in. Deeply enraged, the Jade Emperor gave the word to make the third princess be confined at the bottom of the pool. The deep pool thus come the name of Longnv Pool.

The third princess in the bottomless pool still won't change her mind. Whenever the place is suffered from drought, she would drive on the rainbow to rescue all living beings. To this day, as long as visitors paused for a while nearby Longnv Pool, they would look around the halo of the Buddha which swirled around, they would hear the clear and ringing laugh coming from the Third Princess, the highest consideration to the kind and pretty Third Princess would swell the visitors' breasts. 

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