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Grand Nanshui Reservoir in Guangdong

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Nanshui Reservoir is the second largest artificial lake in Guangdong Province. The massive raised reservoir is capable of holding over 1.28 billion cubic meters of waters. The width measurement of the smooth surface of the lake is about 38 kilometers. Nanshui Reservoir is the provincial-level scenery district of well-known scenic spot, is the important composition part of travel resource in Ruyuan County, with the forest-clad mountains and limpid streams as feature.

The water quality of Nanshui Lake is clear all the way to the bottom. The crystalline water is clear and magnifying as a lens. A succession of green mountain ranges rolling over one another stretched away for hundreds of miles. The bamboo buildings of Yao village are entirely buried in the thick clump of bushes, the trees coming right down to high-water mark.

There is the first happy hunting ground in South China built on 10,000 hectares of green peninsula in the northwestern reservoir. The large open area for hunting includes the typical pheasants, wild dabbling duck, the rabbits, goats and many more. A huge supply of wild animals is at your disposal within the hunting ground. Not far away is the most beautiful hot spring villa.

Located about 16 kilometers to the southwest of Ruyuan County in Guangdong Province, Nanshui Reservoir had begun the construction of the large reservoir in 1958. The reservoir in the form of a narrow rectangle runs north and south between towering ranges of mountains. Nanshui Reservoir is one famous earth dam all over the world. The huge reservoir dam that is actually made by the earth is rare in the history of the world.

The dam with a length of 215 meters and a height of 80.2 meters is to hold back the flood waters. Nanshui Reservoir begins to store water and generate electricity in 1969. In order to make sure of a supply of water at four seasons in a year, the local people generally built a weir across the river to hold back the water and so form an artificial reservoir. Water-diversion projects from the reservoir to the power station are also one gigantic project in China.

The power station is situated in the natural cave nearby the county. Diversion type steel tubes are all installed on the weirdly-shaped mountain grottoes. Admittedly visitor could have the option of making the journey to Nanshui Reservoir on foot, but there is no harm in their travelling by boat.

It might take about 30 minutes to go from the reservoir to the hunting ground by ship. In the process of the journey, you can take in the full beauty of the reservoir area while feel the gentle breeze blowing. The water of Nanshui Lake is particularly limpid and especially cool.

The deepest part of the water of the lake is about 100 meters, thus the water in the lake is dark blue. Visitors can also take a refreshing dip in the clear cool water if it is summer; or enjoy the hot spring in the hunting ground if it is winter. What an easy-going and free experience! 

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