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Grand Shimen Cave of Zhejiang

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Shimen Cave is located at the norther shore of Ou river that is about 30 kilometers to the northwestern Qingtian county town in Zhejiang Province. The whole beauty spot is composed of four scenic spots including the waterfall in Fairyland, Taizi scenic sight, Xiantao and Shigu Lake.

Shimen Cave as the featured fairyland is famous for its peaceful, elegant, grand, wonderful, vicious, and graceful sceneries, which also has gathered the grace of verdant mountain forest, wonderful view of the biggest aggregation of cultural relics, the beauty of grand waterfall and the comfort of pleasant climate merging into one organic whole.

The story is going about that the place was used to be the important place for the advisor during the Ming Dynasty Liubowen to go on a lecture tour, practice ethics, elevate the mind, train himself, rest and recuperation. Blessed with many simple mountainous villages, deep ancient temples, soaring temples and some other ancient culture deposition, Shimen Cave also boasts the astonishing multiple waterfalls, tier upon tier of rolling green hills, the meandering Ou river and its stream tributary with clear water, immense and lush forest vegetation, rare alpine meadow in the south of the Yangtse River, very changeable mountain climate, majestic peaks and deep caves, abundant wild animals and plants resources, beautiful landscapes with the mountains and waters.

The entrance of Shimen waterfall scenic spot is one valuable land with a good geomantic omen, crouching tiger and hidden dragon. The forest plantation landscape in the Shimen Cave forest park is the fundamental and essential landscape in the park. With the luxuriant tree groves, verdant spreading as far as the eyes can reach; visitors here are greeted with picturesque scenic sights that would surely long remain in their memory.

Various vegetation types could form the rich and changeable forest landscape. The forest vegetation in Shigu Lake district under special terrain condition could form the rare meadow landscape in the south of the Yangtse River. The top of Taizi peak had the thick thickets under the bluff, which stands out against the lofty and impressive-looking cliffsides and hides the visitors' line of sight to give them a sense of security.

This plant population is not only displaying itself the colorful beauty, but also forms the wonderful landscape in a seamless integration of some other elements. The marvelous waterfall with the distinctive features falls over a tall cliff with 1,125 meters in height. Standing at the foot of the cliffside and talking, it would echo along the mountain like rumbling peals of thunder.

There's one stone bed near the cliffside, the visitors would eye the stone bed curiously and would like to lay silently for a moment, and they would feel very cool and comfortable in such unbearable summer. You could imagine that how many visitors coming here to visit scenic spots for tens of hundreds of years, and how numerous poems in its praise left behind by men of literature and writings. And these poems could add a brilliant page to the grand Shimen Cave. 

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