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Great "En" Sculpture in Chaozhou Yanfeng College

 2014-04-10    Young    Sights    Chaozhou    1277  

A growing number of people have been attracted to Chaozhou Yanfeng College by its reputation as a scenic spot. It's situated in Chaozhou which is a well-known state-listed historical cultural city with a history of 1672 years, and there are many tourists all over the world who go every day. Great "En" Sculpture weighs 100 tons with 5 meters high. It's one of the most representative sculptures of granite countertops, and indicates that Chinese sculptors are gradually enriching their methods of expression and improving their skills.

One side of the sculpture is one young pregnant mother, who occupied an influential position in their children's lives by virtue of the natural bond that starts from pregnancy and develops through childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Motherly love is the first real love of our lives, which write a significant portion of our love map thoroughly. To be grateful to my mother who undergoes all sorts of hardships and deprivations to give me life and bring me up.

A mother's association with her children is the one and only since that there is a strong emotional and social bonding occurring between the two. Bonding with children could go a long way toward building trust and unconditional love and care for the family. Supposing that father love could give children a sense of safety, then the mother love is given to somebody is really a kind of kind care. Of greater significance, is that we need to be aware of the unresolved strong link that exists between the mothers and the welfare of the whole family also consisting of the father as well as children. In other words, everything is well if the mother is well indeed.

The other side of the sculpture is one very loving mother. We gazed with deep feeling at his mother's wrinkly face. As the Jewish proverb goes, "God could not be everywhere and hence he made mothers." The words of this venerable and venerated proverb have attached great importance to the decisive role mothers play in caring for their children. Metaphorically speaking, motherly love is to children what sunshine is to grass. Maternal love is the most universal and yet the greatest emotion one can experience in the world. It could even define sublimity with platitude. Mom is a harbor in a turbulent sea which makes a weary seaman safe and sweet.

Many people stated that it was a lifetime experience seeing the brand sculpture. I can hardly forget the experience and shall value for the rest of my life. A mother's love is so strong and unyielding that it endures any and all circumstances; good fortune and misfortune, prosperity and privation, honor and disgrace. The care a mother gives is the first experience most people have with love. Along with the increase of age, we start to care for others. Motherly love is a great virtue, a powerful motive, so powerful that it motivated enough to work towards our goals and strive persistently until they are accomplished. That is what gives the palpitating reality to our moral life with tactile love and makes it tingle with so grateful and elaborates an excitement.

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