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Great Time at Dongji Island

 2014-07-03    Selina Ou    Sights    Zhoushan    2084  

The ever blue sea and dazzling sunshine, island and reef, fishermen and seafood, beautiful scenery and pleasant time, all these are checked. Though there is no silver beach, a great time is ensured at Dongji Island.

Dongji Island is located in Dongji Town, Putuo District, Zhoushan City of Zhejiang Province. Dongji Island is also called Zhongjieshan Archipelago as it is actually composed of 28 small islets and 108 reefs, among which the four major islets are Huangxing Island, Miaozihu Island, Dongfu Island and Qingbang Island. As Dongji Island is isolated from Zhoushan City, visitors have to tale boat from Shenjiamen Warf to get to Dongji with a journey of about 3 hours.

When arriving at Dongji, you will find they are undeveloped islands. There has no golden beach, but has rows of fishing boats. There have no modern resort villages, but there are groups of simple folk houses. You cannot eat delicacies there, but fresh and cheap seafood are abundant there.

As Dongji is far away from the land area, it is less polluted. This is why the sea in Dongji is so blue and water is so clean. Weather there is quite comfortable and pleasant. As Dongji is located in the east most edge of China, you can enjoy the first slight of sunshine in Dongji Island. Visitors in Dongji would get up very earlier, maybe 4:30 am or 5:00 am, and walk to the Sunrise Pavilion. At that time, it is still dark in Dongji, all you can hear is the sound of waves slapping the shore and voices of fishermen who are preparing their nets and boats for fishing. This should be the best moment to feel the fantastic moment when sound and quietness are perfectly blended. In addition to the excitement when the sun rises and the splendid scenery of the morning sunshine, you will be amazed.

Besides the gorgeous natural scenery, there are some interesting sites bearing the history and culture of local Dongji that tourists should visit. The most outstanding one should be the group of stone houses that are constructed on steep hills with winding stairways and the Sleeping Buddha on Xifu Mountain. Those reefs and rocks scattered along the shore are of interesting shapes and images, these art works created by the nature should captivate your attention.

When coming to Dongji Island, experiencing the primitive fishing life is quite popular among tourists. You can get up early and go fishing with local fishermen. And you can buy the first net of fresh seafood when fishermen return from their work in the morning. If you happen to live a local hotel which has a roofed balcony, seated at the balcony, eat the fresh seafood, enjoy the wind and the blue sea, that should be the best moment.

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