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Great Trip to Leshan Giant Buddha

 2014-03-31    BNC2014    Sights    Leshan    1798  

Leshan situated in Sichuan province, and the joint of Minjiang Rive, Dadu River and Qingyi River, about three hours by bus from Chengdu. I heard my boyfriend praised the statue to the skies and vividly, I made up my mind to visit it and I was in high-spirit and exhilarated in the previous night. The next day, my sister Linda and I started very early in the morning, and my boyfriend drove us to the bus stop. Linda sat next to me, read her favorite book while I slept the whole way and finally we arrived at our destination. Because I had booked a hotel on the internet, after checked in, we had a short break in the hotel, we were quite frisky. We enjoyed lunch near the hotel and Linda was famished, she had a big meal.

In the afternoon, we began to visit the renowned scenic spot in the worldwide. The stone-carving Buddha was constructed in ancient times, it was built beside the river, and excellent rock caving design displayed its magnificent. It was full of strong religious overtones. The local guide told us it had a long and rich history, which was over 1,300 years. This Buddha was listed on the World Cultural Heritage in years ago. It was the largest Buddha statue in the world at present, 71 meters high and carved in Tang Dynasty. Some poets said: “the Buddha is a mountain, the mountain is a Buddha.”

We went to the top and down the zigzags to the feet for better viewpoints. We were astonished by the prodigious statue, the huge sized Buddha was with big ears, big head and it was said that its instep could sit more then one hundred people. There were 1021 buns on his head, this Buddha was a figure of Maitreya and symbolic of good prospect and happy life, looked dignify and serene. Its head faced Mt.Emei, with bare foot, hands restless on his knees and the river ran below of his feet. It maintained good shape since the millennium because of its perfect protection and drainage systems. Through thousand years’ harsh weather, some parts were damaged by the acid rains, strong winds, and visitor left their marks on the Buddha. It kept in good condition with great drainage facilities, mankind painstakingly preservation and maintenance, modern scientific methods. We visited Haishi temple and here we saw three statues that who made contributions of the construction of the giant Buddha. They were: Haitong, who was a monk; the military commander, Zhangchou jiangqiong, and Weigao.

We stayed here for the previous afternoon and the next morning, at we returned to Chengdu. We bought some distinctive commodities as souvenir for family and friends. It was listed national relic protection unit and 5A scenic spot, no wonder why it attracted a great number of tourists came here everyday. It’s a great trip for Linda and me and we arranged to revisit the giant Buddha next year.

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