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Great Zhanqiao Pier in Qingdao

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Situated at the southernmost end of Zhongshan Road where tourists poured into holiday resorts at the weekend, Zhanqiao Pier in Qingdao is the popular name of Qianhai Zhanqiao. The bridge is in the south seashore of Qingdao and to the north of Qingdao Gulf like the meniscus. The bridge is built for public display and the docking tour boats. Here admittedly you could make the journey to Zhanqiao Pier by train, but there is no harm in your travelling by boat, most people select the latter.

Here you could set sail for traveling the Qingdao City on sea. On the other side of downtown Qingdao, Zhanqiao Pier on its north side is closely linked with Zhongshan Road, which is a very significant milestone and is a practical demonstration of its long history. The spectacular and glorious Zhanqiao Pier was lying amongst natural scenery record Qingdao's century old history and the abundance of a combination of eastern and western cultures.

Zhanqiao Pier in Qingdao is regarded as the architectural example with the same age as the Qingdao City. According to historical records, the construction of Zhanqiao Pier started in 18th year during the Guangxu Period (1892). It is regarded as the best known and earliest dock in Qingdao. From then on it was rebuilt twice in 1931 and 1985.

Zhanqiao is a symbol of Qingdao. If you haven't been to Zhanqiao, you haven't been to Qingdao. There were double-tiered structures crowned by a roof with upswept eaves with unique national styles which were standing in serene dignity on the blue waters. It stands out in bold relief against many of the European-style buildings around the coast, especially chaste and artistic.

There's one half-round breakwater dam to the south of the pier. Within the dam is the two-story octagonal pavilion of national form, which was denominated the Huilan Pavilion. When visitors were standing near the pavilion, they were able to appreciate the layer after layer of tremendous seas. Zhanqiao Pier is framed like a long dragon in its setting of the vast expanse of sea.

Standing aside the Zhanqiao Pier, wherever your eyes turned, nothing met it but the huge waves beating the dam. The pavilion with slightly upswept eaves enables you to enter into the great hall where you could enjoy the magnificent view of the sea. In the golden season of autumn, most welcome to eyes is the best view.

Especially when the rhythmical roar of the breakers sounded like a symphony, the sea became wider with majestic scenery. For all these years, Qingdao had undertaken many activities related to retain the seagulls. When there was but little wind that day throughout the fall and winter of each year, and the sea was as smooth as glass, more than one thousand seagulls came flying into the Gulf.

There's one park named Zhanqiao Park that is located at the north of the sea bank. Within the park was planted with flowering tree and shrub, pine trees and green grass. It will provide stone chairs that are the treat to sightseers if they want to sit down and take a rest. 

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