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Guanzhong Folk Art Museum in Xian

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Guanzhong Folk Art Museum is located at the foot of South Mount Wutai in Xian. Guanzhong is also known as the Weihe Plain, mainly referring the middle area of Shaanxi Province. Every since 1980s, a Chinese gentleman called Wang Yongchao started building the folk art museum. The whole construction work takes almost 20 years, no wonder here tourists can get the best experience of the folk art. If you want to know colorful folk art of China, this is the perfect place to go.


Guanzhong Folk Art Museum has the collection of items from all walks of life in folks world, ancient houses, stone carvings, craft workshops, tiles carvings, traditional Chinese opera houses, altar square, warehouse, research center , artificial lake and other things involved in daily life. In this giant yard of museum, there are more than ancient folks houses from Ming and Qing dynasty. 



The front gate of Guanzhong Folk Art Museum is like an ancient building, with a plank board hanging above, saying "The Root of Ancient Chinese". Stepping inside, there are ticket toll parking lot. Truth be told, I think the ticket is a little bit expensive but once I go in, the thought disappears immediately. It is definitely worth every penny. The moment we come inside the museum,  it feels like we travel back to time and we are in somewhere from a few decades ago, everything feels old but very real.



The first ancient building we see is called Zhao Jianmen Building. It doesn’t have a long history but the scale is quite something to look at. It is about 15 meters long from east to the west, 5 meters from south to north in width, 13 meters in height. On the top of front gate there located a plank carved with four ancient Chinese characters-”Ditong Qianyuan”, besides the gate there is a pair of couplets. There are so many ancient houses, each one has its own construction style. If you were not in a hurry, take your time and feel these unique atmosphere would be the best thing to do.



Stepping outside from the building and walking along the tourist route, two lines of stone pillars come into the sight. On top it is carved with animal patterns, mostly are lions. Firstly I think it is only some regular stone posts, later the tour guide tells me those are actually the hitching posts. The stuff here must have taken a lot effort to collect so many hitching posts. Hitching posts carving is a unique folk art in northern China. In ancient times, you could only see those beautiful work of art in front of some wealthy families. Most of them are 2 or 3 meters high. Not only decorating the house, some people also believe those posts could guard the house from evil spirits.

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