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Guia Fortress in Macau

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Macau Guia Fortress is built besides the Dong Wangyang Hill, covering an area of 143 square kilometers, also the largest park in Macau. Ever since the construction of the park, it has attracted a ton of local citizens and tourists every year. Not only can you see beautiful scenery in the park, but also have fun with some exercise areas such as track field, amusement park, outside theater, and mountain-climbing cart.


At the half hill of the Mountain song, there is a round-the-mountain road, with some lovely pavilion scattered on the road, very good for a leisure walk. Taking a round trip on the road, you can get the view of the whole city under the mountain. Different views in different season, even in a day, the view can be pretty different. Sun setting in the sky, gentle sea breeze brushing through, green leaves everywhere, I guess no one would hate such an amazing place. If you are in no rush, finding a nice spot and taking a short nap or a picnic would be a lovely thing to do.

One thing you can not miss is the Mountain Song lighthouse. It is located on top of the mountain, also the oldest lighthouse in the southern China. Firstly built in the year of 1865 and designed by native Portuguese, Mountain Song light house was the very first lighthouse in the Far East Area. Inside the house, tourist can see the old fire and water lamp made from bronze once used in old days. It is amazing how this lighthouse has guided tons of those who lost in the sea and leads them way home.

If you don’t want to shed a sweat at all, take the tour cart one way if you want to get to the top. For those who wants to have a little bit challenge, take the Dong Wangyang tilted road. Just like its name, it is long and slant. Many young people like to choose this one. From another park near here, tourist can also take another way that leads you straight to the top. The whole journey mainly takes about 5 minutes, it is also a great way to enjoy the breath-taking view of the park.

Mountain Song Air-raid shelter is a Military defense facilities in Macau, together with four sets of air-raider shelter tunnel and beacon tower, they form a giant military net. The air-raider shelter is built in the year of 1931, designed by a Portuguese Lieutenant. Each tunnel is different in length, the longest one can be 456 meters and shortest is only 47 meters. They used to keep electric generator, coast artillery and all kinds weapons and ammunition. For a few decades, it was just a closed military area. Until 1980, it was opened to the public and tourists could visit the newly-built display gallery and learn some knowledge of the military history of the city.

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