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Gui’de National Geopark in Qinghai

 2014-10-21    Young    Sights    Qinghai    4524  

Gui’de National Geopark is one comprehensive national geopark that is mainly characterized by natural morphologic landscape and geological traces, supplemented by diverse ecological landscape and abundant human landscape. Gui’de National Geopark is located within the territory of Gui’de County in Qinghai, including three main gardening areas like Ashigong area, the Huanghe River valley and Mawuxia area, with an area of about 554 square kilometer.

The main geological traces itself has dimensions of roughly 113.6 square kilometers. Ashigong Qicai peak inside the park had the colorful landforms, magnificent and beautiful. The wind-erosion landform in Mawuxia area is the extraordinary workmanship of nature with the ever-changing scenery of rare beauty. The Huanghe River landscape is beautiful and fascinating.

People are struck by the boldness and abruptness of the scenery in the majestic and momentous Longyang Gorge. Many and varied geological traces not only reflect the course of evolution of Qinghai-Xizang plateau in the long period of earth evolvement, but also record the development history of the Huanghe River and the changes of the natural environment in Gui’de county.

Gui’de National Geopark is one fabulous place for sightseeing and tourism, vocational recreation, science education and scientific studies, reputed as the "small south of the Yangtze on the plateau." Gui’de National Geopark is one cultural tourist resort with the deep connotation of the soil culture, unique Danxia natural landform and extremely high geological research and science education value. There's the time-honored and fanciful Danxia landform inside the scenic spot.

The mountainous peak thrusts itself towards the sky. The geologic shape is expected to be very strange and wonderful. The strange stone center of the Huanghe River is the only wonderful stone park in the Yellow River region that is decorated by the gigantic rare stones for ten thousand years and sky-kissing century-old ancient trees. The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is the most magnificent and attractive private garden.

The rare stone garden uses the method of strange stones appreciating and spice of life, taken against a background of the Yellow River as the Mother River of China, to display the excellent qualities of Chinese civilization with the splendor and unique Yellow River culture. Qinghai is not only the source of a river, but also regarded as one of the most beautiful regions in the world.

The Yellow River is the Mother River of China. The rare stones in Yellow River were formed by the cleansing and washing of Yellow River. As a result, the rare stone garden of Yellow River has its setting in Yellow River culture with a strong flavor of the profound culture connotation, which must become the prospect of unequalled beauty on earth for guests on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau to taste and enjoy slowly.

The wind-erosion landform in Mawuxia area had appeared extensively over a large area, which commands high appreciation and value in the country. The valley landform is formed by over thrusting and rushing water. The mountain ranges rise and fall inside the gorge. Some places are the quartz solid sandstones. Mawu gorge is blessed with the rich hydropower and forest resources. 

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