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Guilinyang Beach with Pristine Sand a Leisure Location

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Haikou, the capital town of Hainan State, is home to sophisticated view and ancient sites as well as lots of currently-developed sightseer areas. Haikou City has 4 chief beach spaces: Holiday Beach, Baishamen Beach, Xixiu Beach, and Guilinyang Beach. The Guilinyang seaside visitor zone is situated in the northeast waterfront area of Qiongshan, 24 kilometers away from Haikou and 19 kilometers away from the government town.  A silver coastline of 6.8 kilometers in length associates two elusive and lovely bays together to build the Coastal Resort at Guilinyang. It comprises of a coastal swimming pool, Thailand Hua Guoyuan, International Sports Village, Sun City resort, the five tourist resorts, and marine recreation, barbecue and other amazing services.


In the Guilinyang beach, in the north-east part of shallow water, there were originally 72 villages, during the Ming Dynasty. In the year 1605, a major earthquake in 72 villages buried them underneath the ocean. Thus, it is also widely known as the ‘villages at the bottom of the sea’.

Best coastal tourism center

Haikou diminishes in contrast with its competing city located in down south, Sanya, when it comes to sight-seeing and seashores. This is not to imply that the region nearby the city does not comprise of any beaches worthy for swimming. Famous spots are Guilinyang Coastal Tourism Zone which is located 24 kilometers (15 miles) away from Haikou and is thorough with frivolous facilities together with international gardens, swimming pools, and a sports village. 

A class beach for the tourists to travel

Guilinyang beach is a beautiful scenic spot and delightful place to visit by the tourists. Rich in daylight, beaches, greens and fun facilities, Guilinyang Coastal Traveler Area is one of Hainan's best sightseeing and trip destinations, the introduction of Thailand’s well-known ranges of tropical fruits and flowers, and Thai-inspired architecture, the water sports center, Thai Buddha, refreshment center, villages, Diaoyutai, attractive homes and multi cuisine specialty restaurants and many similar stuffs make it an A class beach for the tourists to travel.

Aqua sports

The beach is popular for its breathtaking natural exquisiteness and electrifying water sports and events.It is presumed to be one of the finest beach in entire China for its benefits of smooth length, white and fine sand, sparkling and warm water and mild waves, as well as being harmless and free from any sharks in the region of swimming.Tourists can sunbathe here and plunge near the shore, calming themselves by playing volleyball or dining on the beach and even running on the sand.

The Hainan regional government also formally permitted the formation of the Guilinyang Economic Development Zone here. The Guilinyang beach has clear skies, sandy white beaches, Cobalt Sea, and some of the loveliest background accessible in the world. From lying in the sun on the beach to ascending a foothill, be definite to get for yourself a custom tour when you are here. It is the finest way to take back some of those precious memories.

How to reach

The beach is eighteen kilometers away from city and is easy to reach. Regular bus services are available from Hainan city. 

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