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Guiyuan Buddhism Tour

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Guiyuan Buddhist Temple is the famous Buddhist temples in Wuhan. It was built by Baiguang made in the Qing dynasty 15 years (1658) and has three hundreds history. The temple covers an area of 46900 square meters, there are 200 temple houses. The temple buildings and a variety of Buddhist classics retain complete after the "cultural revolution". Arhat hall is one of the main attractions, in the hall,there are 500 golden Buddhas.Today I will take you to visit here one day.

The main building of Guiyuan Buddhist Temple is divided into two houses. The outer court is mainly composed of a gatehouse, the courtyard, and the pond. The three main buildings of the inner court are the depository of Buddhist texts, the Daxiong hall and the Arhat hall, as well as the Tianwang Hall and Ksitigarbha temple. 

The architectural style of the Guiyuan Buddhist Temple is different from other temples, it does not have the regular pattern and seems slightly messy. In earlier, Due to the mendicant monk can not raise enough money to do the overall arrangement in the short term, only when they have money to start construction.

There is a lotus pool in the Guiyuan Buddhist Temple named as “free life pool”, many people released the tortoise into the pool. When people come to the pool, these tortoises will be out of the water to look and eat food that people throw, they won’t be shy with strangers, perhaps they also know that people here can have compassion. The people will only love them and will not harm them.

Go through the lotus pool which is full bloom lotus, Daxiong hall is in front of you. On both sides of Sakya Buddha, there are island Guanyin Buddha and 24 heavens Buddha. Particularly noteworthy is that the mantle of the Sakya Buddha is not normal fabric, it's made of wood. The wooden curtain has unique modelling and high appreciation value, is a rare art treasures.

When you enter the Arhat hall, you can see five hundred various Arhat Buddha, some Buddha stand up or sit down, some Buddha happy or angry, a variety of form seem lifelike.

There is a particularly interesting Arhat Buddha which regarded as Sa Tuonu honour person, it is around six lads, and they around Arhat ears, cover mouths and wanton act, Buddhists call it “six thief play maitreya”.
The statue completed show child’s innocence and naughty, as well as the Arhat’s kindness. It uses implicit language to warn people: only you abandon desires, you will get good result; let people deeply instructed in the mile, also let people praise the voice from the bottom of laughter.

Count Arhat is a funny thing, in the legend people arbitrarily started from an Arhat, order to count their age, when you count , the last Arhats can show your identity, express and destiny, of course this is just a superstition, but it is an interesting action.

There are still many other attractions in Guiyuan Buddhist Temple, I introduced just a small part, so I hope you have a chance to go there count Arhat!

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