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Hai Rui Tomb-In Memory Of a Decent and Virtuous Officer

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Hai Rui tomb is located in the western outer edge of Haikou Town, about 5 kilometers away from the civic center. It signifies people's respect to Hai Rui, a decent and virtuous official. It was initially constructed in 1589 in the Ming Dynasty (1368 -1644), several of the erections in the tomb garden persist to be undamaged. With an extent of more than 4,000 square meters, the outline was designed agreeing to the level of the authorized designations at that time. These days it is regarded as the Key Cultural Remnant Conservation of Hainan Province.

Historical importance

Hai Rui (1514 - 1587), resident of Hainan Region, was an official in the Ming Reign. He is well-known as a statesman for his uprightness and responsibility. After his demise, people selected the site in compliance with his soul from 'heaven'. One distinctive story exemplifies his morality. After seeing the ruler wink at the dishonesty of court administrators, he set a casket for his death and said good-bye to his spouse. Then he went to the ruler, stating his disapproval. His advices were not acknowledged but cost him lost his position in the court and he was imprisoned. After his freedom, he came back to his birthplace and assisted irrigation plans. When he was 72, he was appointed again by the court.

His honesty also gained publics’ gratitude. On the day Hai Rui died, the respected official, all the individuals stopped their personal stuffs to be present at the funeral. When the casket was transported to the same spot where the existing tomb is located, the cord of the coffin broke and folks alleged this was the site that Hai Rui picked for himself. Therefore, the tomb was constructed on that spot.

Main attraction

The 100-meter elongated tomb passageway was covered with granite. There are three stone arcades in the central of the passageway. On both side of the passage are wonderful stone horse, stone sheep, stone human figures, stone tortoise. The topmost of the grave is in the form of curve and the base is in the figure of hexahedron. In forward-facing of the tomb, positions a stone tablet. The writings on the tablet were inscribed by Xu Ziwei, the fellow resident of Hai Rui’s village and the administrator of the building of the tomb. On the stone columns of the gallery are dangling two adversative verses inscribed by Hairui earlier to his death. There is also a statue of Hai Rui in front of the hall.

Personal belongings

At back of the hall is Qing Feng Ge, in which the booklets about Hai Rui's attainments and remnants used by Hai Rui throughout his life time are on exhibition. Many people who respect the honor of Hai Rui have visited this site. The tomb of Hai Rui is a traditional attraction site to visit while touring the Hainan Island.

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