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Haikou West Coast Linear Park---a Perfect Spot for Leisure and Enjoyment

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West Coast Linear Park is located in Haikou, Hainan province, eleven kilometers far from Haikou city center. Xiuying Guangdong Railway Corridor Terminal is in the south and in northern side is the Qiongzhou Strait. It is one of the significant projects of buildings of tourist significance. The Linear Park is nearly eleven kilometers long and covers an area of one hundred and five hectares. The green area is found to be eighty six percent here. Close to park, there is a broad Yelindadao. On sculpture sides, there is beautiful scenery. The sea appears as a mirage in city of Haikou. West Coast linear park is a perfect spot for leisure entertainment as well as to enjoy the beautiful environment of space.

This beautiful park is one among the ten major attractions in Hainan city. Here one can view the beautiful sunset of West coast. The harbor always has a thousand sails to compete in various shows. The walls of the park overlook the sea moon like a fighter. People experience the real holiday feelings here with lots of fun and entertainment. A wonderful water world among the various attractions in the park is popular. One needs to take tickets for the show. There are certain free shows too. Visitors can appreciate every moment in the West Coast linear park. The entire area is embraced by beautiful straight and tall coconut trees. The bricks are lay flat to offer a very gorgeous appearance to the sea line trail like a pearl strings to connect the various attractions in city of Hainan.

The West Coast linear park is the perfect spot to view the Century Bridge and all other urban buildings. Travelers usually stop here to look back just to see tall buildings. It appears as floating over sea. People always capture pictures here with floating blocks as background. The whole water world is made in a roman architectural style. During night, it is fully filled with music. It looks just as day because of the lights. There are water ballet, high dive shows and attractive performances that attract millions of people to the spot every year. It is a good place to enjoy the beach holidays. There is a seaside tropical forest which is planted with lush variety of different tropical ornamental species which count to more than three thousand coconut trees, more than 1600 king brown pieces and olive trees. One can enjoy the beautiful scenery of beautiful river close to the park.

The thousand sails show has become an attractive one. The spot became a windsurfing training base. Boat trips are common here and various water sports are popular. Close to the park, there are fine buildings, gardens, Noble Yacht Club, Gold coast garden, HNA Hall and more. The sandy beach offers a wonderful opportunity for people to have more fun.

West coast linear park can be visited at any time. 

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