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Halal Famous Food-- Fried Sheep Fillet Slice

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There are a lot of very tasty halal dishes. Each dish has its unique taste and meaning. Today we'll talk about the famous halal dish—Fried Sheep Fillet Slice. Fried Sheep Fillet Slice is one of the very distinctive dishes in Chinese Islamic cuisine. It uses lamb as the main material. Soft-fried is the main cooking method. The taste is sweet with a little sour.

"Fried Sheep Fillet Slice" was a royal court dish original. It is said that during the ruling period the Empress Dowager Cixi, she loved to taste delicious dishes with various tastes. Therefore, court chefs always tried to keep changing different pattern of food. Once, cooks cooked a dish with sheep tenderloin meat, sweet bean sauce and sugar, which tasted sweet and fragrant. Empress Dowager Cixi was so satisfied with the dish that she called the chef and asked what its name was. The chef dared not to presume to answer the question, so Cixi smiled and answered: "this dish was sweet and savoury, just called Tisimi." Since then, this dish is called "Tasimi". Later, the dish has spread to folk and become a traditional halal dish.

The shape of this dish is like preserved apricot and has color of red color. Tender, sweet with a slight acid and deep flavor. "Fried Sheep Fillet Slice" is deeply appreciated around the world.

Mutton is warm in nature. Eating mutton in the winter can not only increase the body heat, defense cold, but also increase the digestive enzymes, protecting stomach, repairing the gastric mucosa, helping the spleen and stomach digestion, and have an anti-aging effect.

Mutton has a very high nutritional value which is rich of protein, fat, moisture, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B, cholesterol, sugars and other components. It is natured and sweet, benefiting for people’s health.

Therefore, Fried Sheep Fillet Slice is an excellent dish with tasty flavor and medicine effect. There is no doubt that why it is so popular among people all the world. 

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