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Hangzhou Spring Festival Travel Guide

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Lingyin Temple is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, northwest of the West Lake.Lingyin Temple is a simple and quiet, scenery pleasant resort.It’s said that 1600 years ago,an Indian monk called Hui Li come to Hangzhou,seeing the beautiful scenery and consider that there are "the hidden fairy" here,so he built a emple named Lingyin.

During the Spring Festival, the temple is open from 7:00 am to 5:00pm.The Lingyin Temple ticket is 30 yuan and the Feilai Peak cost 45yuan.If you want to go to the Temple,you must go into the Feilai Peak area first.Vistors can burn incense and pray for the next year.

After out of the Temple,take the NO.7 bus and get off at Yaojiangguangsha,then walk to the Hefang street.It takes 70 minutes.The bus pass by North Road and Lake Road which is the most beautiful section of the West Lake area.

However, the most popular place  in Hangzhou during spring festival is not West Lake but the Hefang Street. Hefang Street is an ancient street with long history and rich culture.It was the bustling market of ancient Hangzhou,the cultural and trade center of Southern Song Dynasty.

Visitors can feel Chinese tea culture, traditional Chinese medicine culture, food culture and many  century-old culture in Qinghefang shops with a variety of folk artists and folk custom stalls.

The street is full of ancient famous shops,such as Kong Fengchun powder stores, Bandung ham shop, Mi Dachang pipe down shops,Yezhongde traditional Chinese medicine shop, Wang Shunxing noodle shop, Weng Longsheng tea and so on.

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