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Happy Flower Mountain - Paradise for Camping

 2014-05-22    sonrisabai    Entertainment    Harbin    1362  

As the ice city of China, Harbin had long been famous for its snow and ice. But that’s not all, it also has many amazing natural landscapes and personalized tourist attractions. Huanle Mountain is one of those place that combine the two perfectly. Huanle Mountain is located in the east of Bing County, with peak elevation of 698 meters, about 2 hours drive from downtown of Harbin-the capital of Heilongjiang province. It’s getting more and more popular in recent years, for its beautiful natural sceneries and tons of fun wild adventure activities.

There are numerous ancient tree with growing history of a few hundred years. If you need a nice and quite camping spot with great views and fresh air, this is the right place to go. Since it was kinda new as tourist spot, it wasn’t very crowded which was perfect for me. Personally I just hate crowded tourist spot. You can never really enjoy the view with jostling crowd, no matter how great it might be.

The entrance gatepost was built with cement concrete, with carvings of ginseng, eggplants, green peppers, pumpkins, cabbages, all that could stand for unique natural landscape of Huanle Mountain. I felt like I was walking into some kind of vegetable garden. But when I got in, the feeling was gone immediately. A huge water amusement park caught up my entire attention. Here you could experience all kinds of water entertainment games such as cold-water fishing, catching mud fish in the pond. Tourists could also enjoy delicious dishes like stewed fish cooked in iron pot and herbal prairie chicken cuisine.

At the foot of the hill, there was large fields of graceful birch woods, black fungus production base, ginseng garden and acanthopanax garden. ( In Traditional Chinese medicine, this is administered to increase energy, thus traditionally recognized to have attributes akin to true ginseng. They also got breeding farms of prairie chicken and boars. Inside the Deer Garden lived more than 200 skia deer, where you could have close contact with those docile and lovely animals.

The main route leading to the top was a wooden passage with some wooden bench and chairs for resting scattered on both sides, it seemed very easy to climb but it wasn’t. At some stiff spots, you really need to to be extra carefully. But I think that’s what makes mountain climbing more exciting and fun. Different colored camps were everywhere under the woods, friends getting together chatting and families having a nice picnic.

After a long exhausting climbing, finally we got to the mountain top. Everyone was so out of breath. With all the beautiful view lying under our eyes, it was totally worth the effort.There were numbers of rock daisies on the way down, Chrysanthemum stone is a natural in the geological "Flora" . If you were happen to be too tired to go downhill by yourself and still wanted to enjoy the view, no worries, they had horse-drawn carriages take you down.

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