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Happy Valley of Beijing

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Happy Valley Beijing is an amusement park in Beijing built and operated by Beijing OTC, which is part of the Shenzhen OCT Holding Group. If you're looking for somewhere there produces happiness, then Happy Valley is one of the top answers. Especially when you have children traveling with you, it would be a wise choice to visit one of China's many amusement parks like Beijing Happy Valley.
The park is located in Chaoyang in eastern Beijing. Opened in July 2006, it is the second park of the Happy Valley theme park chain.. The concept design and master plan for the park was created by Leisure Quest International (USA/China). Similar in style with the Disneyland Park, Happy Valley Beijing also featured distinctive landscapes and themes throughout the resort along with featured rides within the different themes. In total there are more than 40 rides, 10 of which are extreme rides, an IMAX theater with seven screens as well as a shopping complex.
In the park, exciting rides, natural landscapes, and interesting buildings from legends make a perfect combination. This fairytale world, which is full of laughter, happiness, and joyfulness, will soon help you to relax; forgetting the stresses of modern life and eventually draw you into the lively carnival!
Happy Valley has 6 theme zones, more than 40 rides, 50 scenic spots, 10 daily performances, and 20 theme games. There are different themes, stories and performances in each zone. It is impossible to finish all of them within one day, so we suggest that you ask for a free map when you buy tickets and make a plan for your trip in the park. Atlantis is the focal point of the park with its towering Crystal City acting as the central portal. Its theme revolves around the discovery of the legendary lost city of Atlantis.

Your breathtaking journey will start from the first themed zone, Wild Fjord, which is just on your left hand after at the entrance. This zone is also home to the traffic hub where you can catch the mini train. The adjoining zone in the west is Happy Time, where you can take exciting rides, such as roller coaster, and whirling wheel. Continue to walk west, you will reach Ant Kingdom, where all kinds of interesting games are waiting for you and is particularly good for children. If you don't have any children in your group, then we suggest you leave it behind and move on to other zones. The next zone is Shangri-La, and the Lost Maya zone lies just to the northeast. The most breathtaking rides in Shangri-La should be the free-fall drop and roller coaster. At the same time, you can also enjoy the thrilling show of climbing up the knife ladder. In the Lost Maya zone, you have a chance to rediscover and explore the ruins and secrets of the lost Mayan civilization.

You are guided on this adventure by a great archeologist and explorer, Dr. Norman, who will help you understand this mystic zone. To the west of Lost Maya is Aegean Harbor, where you can experience some screaming rides on water and also see beautiful buildings along the coast of the Aegean. Atlantis zone is located in the center of the park, where you will have a chance to explore the mysterious underwater Atlantis culture.
By the way, Happy Valley Beijing features a mini train that encircles the outer rim of the park which offers scenic sights with one station located on the southeastern corner of the park adjacent to the park entrance. So it will be quite convenient to go across different zones to see the entire land.

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