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Harbin’s Charming Siberian Tiger Park

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Winter has long been considered as a charming season to visit Harbin, though the air is chilled and the city is covered with thick accumulated snow. For millions of tourists, they visit Harbin because of the magnificent ice sculptures, however, this time we head for the Siberian Tiger Park. Perhaps, this adventured place has been forgotten by many people. 


The Siberian Tiger Park, built in 1996, is located in the northern part of Songhua River in Harbin. It occupies an area of about 1200 000 square meters and becomes the biggest wild Siberian Tiger Park around the world. With charming natural landscapes and good facilities, the Siberian Tiger Park is widely considered as a leisure place for summer and winter vacations, attracting countless tourists from different countries.

Siberian tiger, also known as “the King of Forest”, is a kind of endangered wild animal due to people’s heavy poaching. Since 1980, Siberian Tigers is listed as the first-class national protected animal in China. According to a survey conducted by scientists in 2005, there are about 331 -393 adult-subandult Siberian tigers in this region. With people’s preservation, there are lived about 500 Siberian tigers in the Siberian Tiger Park. If you love animals, you may enjoy yourselves here.


The whole Siberian Tiger Park can be divided several parts, where younger tigers, mature tigers, king tigers, visitors are separated. Tigers live in the young tiger area are about 2 years old, while those in mature tiger area are ranged from 6 to 8 years old. Unlike the normal zoos, Siberian tigers lead a free and natural life here because they can walk freely in the part. For the safety of visitors, touring bus is available in Siberian Tiger Park and the bus is covered by wire mesh. Visitors should stay in the bus while sightseeing in the park. From the touring, visitors can not only see the lovely young tigers fighting with each other on the green soft grass, but also view the mature bathing in the warm sunshine near the clear pool. So amazing, right? Siberian tigers in the park are feed by fresh meat, and visitors are allowed to buy poultry and animals to feed them. Common poultry and animals used for feeding Siberian Tiger include chickens, ducks and cows. In most cases, those poultry and animals are set free for the tigers to prey. It may seem a little bit cruel, but visitors are treated to a true live action of Siberian Tiger. Apart from Siberian Tigers, visitors can also see lions, lynx, leopards and some other animals in the Siberian Tiger Park. 


Want to know more about the knowledge of wild animals? Related information and pictures are offered in the Popular Science Exhibition Hall inside the Park. The admission fee is free and everyone can come here and gain a deeper understanding of Siberian Tigers. 

Visiting the Siberian Tiger Park can be breathtaking and risking. Both summer and winter are peak seasons to visit Siberian tigers here. And the entrance fee may cost you about 90 Yuan.

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