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Heading east for Yangzhou when Spring comes

 2014-02-13    Selina Ou    Sights    Yangzhou    1684  

As the saying "heading east for Yangzhou among hazy vernal hues", spring is the best time to visit Yangzhou city. Fresh breezes, drizzles, willows and viburnums, Yangzhou gets charm and special beauty in the mist and flowers.

With a long history more than two thousand years, the ancient Yangzhou city has always been loved by famous poets and writers by its fascinated beauty. Yangzhou city has characterized itself with comfort and peace under the long history, but the tranquility of Yangzhou becomes hazy and presents the unique obscure beauty.

It is said the spring of Yangzhou is a best season with the best place to meet new things and new people. When the fresh breezes blows, with the light drizzles floats, when walking down the lake where willows swaying down with a antique oil-paper umbrella, every people gets its single beautiful scene and no one would resist to stop and enjoy the beautiful and romantic picture.

The hazy Yangzhou in spring is quite slow and obscure, thus to enjoy and find the beauty of Yangzhou in a slow and quiet way is more suitable. The Slender West Lake is a must visit place where to enjoy the essence beauty of Yangzhou. This garden-styled lake with the charms of elegance and grace stands out with the natural landscapes and artistic gardens. In spring, there are green and slim willows weeping down to the lake, decorated with the enchanting blossomed camellias, pomegranates, cuckoos and flowering peaches, this idyll garden would get you lost in the beauty.

Or go to the Daming Temple for the unique beauty of viburnums, which are considered the city flower of Yangzhou. Every spring is the paradise of blooming viburnums. The white and pure viburnums flowers that has the fresh fragrance and elegant appearance decorate the magnificent and add more vigor to the solemn Daming Temple.

The He Yuan is a great place for the admiration of delicate and chic garden that has high artistic values and charming styles.

Since Yangzhou is the hometown of the world-wide famous Yangzhou fried rice, trying the authentic and genuine Yangzhou fried rice is a must when in a Yangzhou tour. And there are of course many other delicious foods at Yangzhou. The fresh Lion’s head and the soft braised shredded chicken with ham and dried tofu would definitely give your mouth a feast.

- Lion's head

-Braised shredded chicken with ham and dried tofu 

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