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Heaven Above, Suzhou and Hangzhou Below

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Golden autumn is a second spring which inspires us to go somewhere and to explore something neoteric. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go to the garden city where we can find beauty and appreciate traditional architecture art. The city is Suzhou.

Suzhou is a city filled with royal elegance and easiness. Classic and modern elements combined perfectly. The classical beauty is reflected by its architecture and abundant humanistic flatus. The convenient transport system and high technology application embodies its fissionability.

Let’s travel by modern vehicles to visit and appreciate the gardens in Suzhou.

There are over a hundred of big and small gardens in Suzhou. The most famous one is the Humble Administrator’s Garden.

Humble Administrator’s Garden is located in No.178 Northeast Street of Suzhou and was built in Ming dynasty about the year of 1519. Humble Administrator’s Garden, Peking Palace, Chengde Mountain Resort and Lingering garden are four most famous ancient gardens in China. Humble Administrator’s Garden is honored “the mother of all gardens”. It is the biggest garden and also the master work of Suzhou garden.

Humble Administrator’s Garden is consisted of three parts--east garden, center garden and west garden. In the east garden, there are rockeries and pools, buildings such as Su incense povillion and Lanxue Tang are all here. The artificial lake occupied the most of the west garden. Povillions were built around the lake and the mountain. It was the place for host entertains his guests and enjoys music. Center garden is the essential part of Humble Administrator’s garden. There is a pond in the very middle and all of the buildings are right next to the ponds, so that the garden seems to be floating on the water. The lotus flowers are planted in the pond and the buildings are more or less related with lotus flower. It mainly shows its noble character and used to remind people to be honest and upright, especially alarm those officers get rid of corruption.
Except Gardens, water town is another nick name of Suzhou.

Zhouzhuang is the most famous and ancient water town in Kunshan Suzhou city. It is “a beauty” in water and “Chinese Venice”.
You can participate in many activities to relish this gentle and quiet town to feel its grace and coziness.
Firstly, water lane travel. There are many small wood boat with two paddles in Zhouzhang, the to and fro boats attract travelers and the view makes them more curious about this town. Actually, the hurry boats are the most charming scenery. On average, there is a piece dark blue canvas covered the boat. May be this is what we called Wu tent boat. All these boats are perfectly organized by administrative staff. The drivers are all very patients and wait every travelers get on the boat and then rowing the boat over singing together with travelers happily. Old boats are not old any more, but the paddles still sway in the time honored water lane, repeating the past graceful rhyme, the same trajectory and the same boat song.
Secondly, listen the Kunqu Opera. Kunqu Opera has been listed in the world intangible heritage. It is another good way to know the culture of this town.

Last but not the least, noctivagation Zhouzhang The night of Zhouzhang is moving and touching. The light from the boat in the water lane makes this ancient town more mysterious. At night, get on a boat at the wharf and appreciate melody played by traditional stringed and woodwind instruments and Pipa quietly. Gradually, you will be absorbed in it and forget everything except the music. The pleasure boat will bring you to go through many apertures of the bridges. All at once, you find the colored lights installed in the bridges reflect the whole town in the colorful water. How wonderful it is.

We all know that Suzhou is a place with talents in each time. Do you know why? The beautiful environment makes the local people to keep in good mood and fell happy. John Masefield once said “The day that makes us happy makes us wise”. This place makes people happy and full of creation. So, come to Suzhou to experience the elegant environment, this simple journey may inspire you to find beauty besides you and cherish the endowment of the nature.

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