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Heaven of Flowers-Moutain Ya National Forest Park

 2014-04-20    sonrisabai    Activities    Yantai    1400  

I first noticed Mountain Ya because its name, translated in English as Mountain Tooth, what a funny name! I did a little research online and finally knew why it had such weird name. It’s located in the southeast of Qixia City, Shandong Province. The mountain has three main peaks and there is huge stones standing on each peak majestically.

If you look it from a faraway distance, it would look like three sharp sawtooth. There is even an interesting local ballad describing the mountain peaks which goes like this, “First tooth short, second tooth high, third tooth coming down to the waist of the second. Legend has it that each peak could make big shot, not just regular human. Not sure if it’s true.

The mountain Tooth National Forest Park boasts to have the largest natural rattan woodland area. The vines crisscrossed with each other and weaved into big net one after another, hovering on the tall tree branches, formed forming a great many natural rattan swing. What makes it better, there is high-density "three flowers" (azalea, Weigela flowers, mountain cherry) scattered on hillside.

It was a lovely sunny day, I found a random spot in the flower sea and had a nice picnic with my friends. That’s about the right way to live life! The best thing in life is free, the fresh air, the bright sun, and other wonderful things nature has to offer. Someone people just sink themselves in high-tech stuff too much and forget how wonderful the great nature can be. There were tourists all around me, probably cause April was the best month to visit Mountain Tooth.

Every year after the beginning of April, flowers are beginning to blossom and the park is becoming a colorful ocean with nice fragrance. The flowering period can last for 3 months. In recent years, people discovered a new flower species called Swan Flower for it got strange shape like a swan. Many tourists come here to see it. The flower definitely throws a mysterious touch on the mountain.

It’s about 806 meters high, so climbing wasn’t very easy for me. But with the nice decoration besides the mountain path, it did make people feel more relaxed. As we were getting high, there came the sound of streams from the upper side. Everyone picked up the pace, hoping to see the wonderful view above. As the mountain is getting higher, the stone steps are getting harder and harder to step on. I was already exhausted and I could barely feel my legs.

I’ve heard of the most famous food of Mountain Tooth-Black cashmere goats. They grow up on the Mountain with a history of more than 400 hundred years. As the special delicacies here, it has been highly welcomed among the tourists with delicious fragrance and rich nutrition of the meat. According to a report of pasturage bureau from the local, “Black cashmere goats have fresh red meat, delicate flavor, less mutton odor. ”

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