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Heishan Valley in Chongqing

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Heishan Valley, known as Wangsheng Heishan Valley Tourism Area, is located 20 kilometers from the city center of Wangsheng District of Chongqing Municipality. This 5A rated tourism attraction is an excellent destination for enjoying the intriguing natural scenery and it is especially hot as a summer resort.

Heishan Valley situated in the area of Dalou Mountain, which is the boundary line between Guizhou Province and Chongqing Municipality. This tourism area covers an area of 100 square kilometers with a 13 kilometers long valley.

Mountains and peaks, valley and cliff, dense forest and groups of bamboo, flying waterfalls and crystal streams, caves and wild animals, ancient plank roads and raft bridges, Heishan Valley never miss a single spectacular from nature. With a forest coverage rate as high as 97%, Heishan Valley has conserved a natural primitive ecology and it is reputed as “Biological gene pool of Chongqing Municipality and Guizhou Province”.

The whole Heishan Valley area is characterized with quietness, steepness, peculiarity and elegance. When walking through the valley, the high mountains and dense forests with the singing birds and flowing streams make the valley ever quiet. At spring, bloomed various flowers with bright colors bring picturesque scenery for the valley, while the green Heishan Valley is definitely the home for summer resort in Chongqing which is one of the “three furnaces” in China. The golden autumn and snowed winter in Heishan Valley also features itself among tourists.

Ten Miles Canyon

The Ten Miles Canyon is a marvelous spectacular among the Heishan Valley. This is a deeply cut canyon in V shape with the maximum width of 20-30 meters while a minimum width no more than two meters. On both sides of the canyon are cliffs with dense vegetation in steep slopes of eighty even a hundred degrees. At the point that has the maximum width, between the two sided cliffs you can touch one belongs to Chongqing Municipality while the other belongs to Guizhou Province. This canyon that has torrent streams and hanging stalactites, underground rivers and wild animals, swaying plank roads and raft bridges, is said to be an adventure when walking through.

Flying Fish Waterfall

Flying Fish Waterfall is the waterfall that has the most spectacular views among all waterfalls in Heishan Valley. The waterfall which resembles a flying fish crashes from the mountain that has a height more than one hundred meters into the rocks at the bottom river, bringing scattered pearls when hit the rocks and causes bursts of mist. The grand sight of this flying waterfall brings great visual and emotional impacts.

Besides, there are Fish Jump Canyon, Heishan Buddha, Shijian Peak, Yinfo Cliff and many other attractions to enjoy and for fun at Heishan Valley.

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