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Scenic Spots at Yuelu Mountain

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Every city has her own card. Every city has her own proud mountain. Beijing has her Fragrant Hill, Taian city has her Mount Tai, Leshan city has her Mount Emei and Changsha has her Yuelu Mountain.

Yuelu Mountain, located in the west of Xiangjiang, this scenic spot is made up of low hills, rivers, lakes, natural flora and fauna, cultural monuments, modern celebrity graves and revolutionary memorial sites in China. So what highlighted scenic spots at Yuelu Mountain you should not miss?

---Yuelu Mountain

Yuelu Academy

Yuelu Academy, one of the Four Academies in ancient China, most of the existing buildings are Ming and Qing relics. It is the best-preserved academy in China. Yuelu Academy sights are composed of two parts, natural scenery and cultural landscape. For the natural scenery part, you can see a lot of precious and rare plants growing there and wild animal occasionally. Also this peaceful and secluded place always with beautiful scenes all the year round. For the cultural landscape, Yuelu Academy really has a lot to say. It is a research base for Hunan University and it's the study base of Huxiang Culture. Meanwhile, it contains a profound garden architecture culture which is styled at elegance and simplicity, but also fully demonstrate the magnificence of ancient Chinese building.

---Yuelu Academy

Pavilion Aiwan

Located in a small hill among Yuelu Mountain, this is a pavilion with classic features. It is surrounded by hills and maple's woods. Constructed with eight pillars of double-layered roof, green glazed tiles covering the roof, red wooden interior pillars and exterior square granite pillar, impressive and magnificent. When it is late autumn, sit in the pavilion, watching those hot red maple leaves at dusk, just immersed yourself in the poetic scene.

--- Pavilion Aiwan

Birds Forest

This is a great place to spend great time with those great birds in Yuelu Mountain. Among the green mountain and alongside the clean water, this comprehensive bird theme park is specially made for a pleasant and close contact and communication with nature and birds. There are various kinds of birds you can see there, rare and special spices. You can enjoy the bird’s art performance presented by those cute ones, mandarin ducks wandering romantically on water, group shows of parrots, people riding on ostriches, seagulls picking up fish in the air, dancing egrets... You will be moved and amazed at those lovely elves.

---Blue peacock and parrot at Birds Forest

Chuan Shipo Lake

In the halfway of Yuelu Mountain, there locates a beautiful lake with a pavilion across it. At this Chuan Shipo Lake, you get peaceful and quite with the harmonious mountain, forest, lake, pavilion, cloud and nature. Rocks lie across the valley, streams passing through and down directly to the Maple village in the foot of the mountain. When you have time, ask some friends, go fishing in the lake you will have unexpected joy. Or camp there at night, date with romantic stars and wind.

  ---Chuan Shipo Lake

So if you travel to Changsha, go to Yuelu Mountain, to dig out those beauties and surprise at the above mentioned highlighted scenic spots.

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