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Highlights of Huangshan

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Mount Huang (Huangshan)  is one of the ten most amazing scenic spots in China. It was also enlisted as the world natural and cultural heritage. Let me introduce you the top 6 most intriguing scenic spots of Mount Huang. 

Explore Chimera Scenic Area

Chimera is also called the fantasy scenic area. A great number of strange looking stones and cliffs are there. Because the route of this scenic area is quite long, not so many tourists will come here. It is a nice place if you want to get away from the bustle of crowd. Here you don’t need tour guide to tell you which scenic spot has which name and looks like what. As long as you have good imagination, you can define them yourself. Walking at Chimera can be tiring, but I think it totally worth the effort. Please take the time into consideration during your visit, make it back before sunset to ensure safety.

Watch sunrise at the Top of Light
There is a saying, “you can’t see the true Mount Huang sceneries unless you see them from the Top of Light”. The Top of Light is flat and tall, so that you can have a stunning panoramic view. It is only spot that is suitable to view the sunset, sunrise and cloud sea at Mount Huang.

Watch sunset at Cloud Pavilion
This is the starting point of the Chimera scenic area. It is generally agreed that the Cloud Pavilion is the best spot to view sunset.

Recharge at Tang hot spring
Tang hot spring is one of the four “gifts from god” to Mount Huang. The spring comes from Ziyun peak. The water is clear and odor free. It mainly contains carbonic acid. The water can be both drunk and bathed. Bathing at the Tang hot spring is good for your digest, nervous, cardiovascular, and metabolism system. It is also effective in curing dermis diseases.

View the Flying Stone
It is a large rectangle-shaped stone standing opposite to the Shuangjian hill and Shuangsun hill. The stone is so abruptly erecting that it looks like it landed here from somewhere else. The scene is classic in Chinese painting.

View the pine trees of Mount Huang at Shixin peak.
It was said that only at Shixin peak you can see the true pine trees of Mount Huang. Shixin peak gathers many kinds of famous pine trees at its top. The most famous ones are Lianli Pine and Wolong Pine. 

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