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Hiking Along the Coast of Xichong

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Xichong is a scenic spot in Longgang District, Shenzhen, China. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Shenzhen, and it enjoys the peace under the blue sky with blue sea and white sands. It is located in the south part of the Dapeng Peninsula, facing the South China Sea with Mirs Bay on the west and Daya Bay on the East.

Though not as popular as Dameisha beach, Xichong is just as lovely and the water and sand are clean and perfect for swimming. Xichong and Dongchong are popular with backpackers, hikers and surfers. Xichong attracts tourists mainly because of its long beach and surf. It is in eastern Shenzhen in the Dapeng National Park, a popular recreational and scenic part of the city. In 2006 Chinese National Geographic named Dapeng Peninsula as one of the ten most beautiful parts of China. To its north is Qiniang Mountain, the second highest mountain of the city. Since this is one of the least populated and most remote parts of Shenzhen, it is not easy to access Xichong Beach. Private cars can be hired in Dapeng or Nan'ao, and regular buses travel from these towns to Dongchong and Xichong Beaches (M231 and M232). There is also a popular hiking trail running down the coast between Xichong and Dongchong (approx 10km).

There are lots of activities you can do in Xichong. Jumping on rocks and avoiding the wile pineapples with thorn all over the mountains, walking along the zigzagging path, climbing hilly mountains one by another, challenging yourself will be a fantastic journey. Main activities like Surfing, Sailing, Golf courses, Diving, Swimming, Camping, Fishing, Boat Rides, Fireworks (at night) are pretty interesting, though it’s not the perfect season for some of them, it also worth a visit. Due to traffic conditions, they are not beautified artificially and thus can show the most natural flavor and charm, coastlines connected, sea blue and transparent, sea waves in row after row, which is splendid.

The sand under feet is especially fine and soft. The most attractive thing is numerous shells all over the beach, which is believed unique along the Shenzhen coastlines. In addition, because of its beauty, lots of newly married couples choose to take their wedding photos in Xichong to record their youth. Soft wind, flowering unknown flowers, together with lovely beach makes it a wonderful place to remind people of “beautiful youth”. So it’s common to see many beautiful brides with white wedding dress smile happily before professional photographers, which helps create the lovely atmosphere there. Even a passenger can feel the happiness.

There are minibuses run from 6 am to 5 pm for visitors to get home if they want. Or you can also stay at Xichong beach by renting a cabin, or bringing a tent and staking a claim on the sand. You may have the chance to appreciate wonderful fireworks flowering in the dark sky. Xichong is beautiful mixture of white sand and emerald sea. If you have the time, stay awhile and enjoy.

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