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Hiking at Mount Siguniang

 2013-11-11    Selina Ou    Sights    Sichuan    2312  

Mount Siguniang, located in Sichuan Province, has become one of the best place for mountaineering and hiking in China because of its tall and steep mountains, snow-covered top, green and dense forests, beautiful scenery. Mount Siguniang is composed of four continuous snow-capped peaks. These four mountain peaks are snow-capped though out the year, with white cloud and mist lingering above the top, just like four beautiful ladies wearing white veils. 

For the first look of Mount Siguniang, you would be amazed by its graceful figured mountains. Clouds floating in the tops, mist hanging over the top and connects to the blue sky. All are white, so pure, like a bride dressing her beautiful white wedding gown. When wind blows from somewhere, cloud and mist flying to the blue sky, she is dancing happily and at this time you can see her graceful figure. Its main peak, Yaomei Peak, stands with steep and magnificent hills, pointing directly to the sky, her beauty presents completely under sunshine. Here all things are pure. Pure white combines with pure blue, pure snow gets to pure silver light highlighting the whole mountain. Also the pure clean stream like a silver belt of this mountain lady, flows through the deep mountain and valley.

When hiking at Mount Siguniang, you will find this mountain is actually a blessing of the magic nature. The clear blue sky and pure white snow featured with plateau interact with steep cliffs and peaks, roaring waterfalls and gurgling springs, towering tress, green meadows and fragrant flowers, into a gorgeous scenery. Because of special climate and significant vertical difference, Mount Siguniang has a rich fauna and flora resources. Hiking among the mountain, you will see some rare unknown animals and plants, also precious medical herbs. The whole mountain is primitive, pristine, secluded and mysterious.

At Mount Siguniang, there are three spots you should not miss.

No.1 Changpinggou

Changpinggou is a beautiful place to visit among Mount Siguniang, which is also a relic of ancient battlefield. There are a lot to see at this gully. When riding a horse along the path deep in the primitive forest with ancient trees of various species, strange rocks, springs and waterfalls. What’s more interesting is to enjoy those beautiful and bright groups pf flowers at different season.

No.2 Shuangqiaogou

Shuangqiaogou is known for its two wooden bridges between the gully. At this place, besides enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, it is a great place to experience climbing ice fall. Sunshine is bright here to get a clear and reliable icefall route. Many people like this exciting sport.

No.3 Haizigou

There are more than 10 mountain lakes at Haizigou, which are very clean and clear. This place is open and flat with green grasslands and many plateau animals there, sometimes you see yellow duck flying in the lake, sometimes white sheep coming to say hello, or antelopes wondering there. Haizigou is a great place for Camping.

Mount Siguniang is a great place to purify our soul and to find the original peace with its beautiful nature and simplicity.

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