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Hmong Minority of Phoenix Town

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This Hmong minority Town is located in the Phoenix-county, it is an ancient Chinese town. And the minority was living in this county since a long time ago. As normal, this county has a lot of history and local culture. And because of its special, this place is attracting a lot of visitors come to this place from everywhere in the world. This ancient county has not disappointed them as usual.

If you heard of this place before, and you admire his fame, would like to have a little trip here, then you should pay more attention on the tips below:

Tip 1 : Opening time of the Phoenix town

Because of the Phoenix town is a very attractive place, therefore a lot people visit here especially in good weather or season. Then the administrative department of the Phoenix town has made two opening time system for the tourist which are in season and off season, check the details below,

A. In season (1th, April to 15th , November)

The opening time in season is between 7:00 o’clock to 18:00 o’clock everyday.

B. Off season (16th, November to 31th, March)
The opening time of the off season is between 7: 30 am to 17: 30 PM everyday.

Tip 2 : Ticket

The Yueyang Tower has a preferential ticket system if you are a student or the special guest, then you could enjoy the free or discount ticket. Check the details below:

A. Preferential ticket

1. The old person who is 60-69 years old could visit with valid documentation and the ticket sales 80 RMB for each person, the old person who is 70 years (including 70 years old) old could visit in free of charge with valid documentation.

2. The children under 1.3 meters tall could visit in free of charge, and the children above 1.3 meters could enjoy 50% preferential ticket.

3. The college, middle, primary school students could visit with valid documentation and the ticket sales 20 RMB for each person ( this policy doesn’t include the adult education students, and this ticket is not including the Tuojiang boating trip ticket also).

4. The disabled could visit in free of charge with valid documentation.

B. Regular ticket

The regular ticket sales 148 RMB for each person.

Tip 3: Traffic

The traffic of the Phoenix town is very convenient, you could take bus, plane and train...but still need to transfer an other vehicle. And there is one rule which you need to know about it, the rule says that “ no car inside of this ancient town”.


The nearest airport is the Tongren Phoenix airport, the lotus airport of Zhangjiajie and the Zhijiang airport of Huaihua. You need to transfer a bus to go to the Phoenix town, after arriving to these airports.

Train station

There is no train station in the Phoenix town, but you could transfer a bus in Jishou, Huaihua and Tongren of Guizhou train station.

Bus station

There are five bus stations inside of the Phoenix town, most of visitor use the north town bus station and the Tuotian bus station.


You could take taix out side of the phoenix town, and the starting taix fare is 4 RMB.

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