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Hong Kong Tea Restaurants

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In Hong Kong the tea restaurants are a fundamental part of Hong Kong’s signature culture. The restaurants are famous for their affordable yet delicious foods and snacks. These small cafes serve western food infused with Chinese flavors. Some of the well known dishes include rice porridge, french toast, beef stir fried noodles and club sandwiches.  

Food is always served very quickly and fits in with the quick pace Hong Kong lifestyle. There is a wide variety of dishes and set meals that are aimed at customers at different times of the day. 

Top Hong Kong Tea Restaurants

Tsui Wah 
Tsui Wah is one of the longest established tea restaurant chains in Hong Kong. The company opened their first restaurant in 1967 and have continued to establish branches in Macau and Mainland China. The restaurant is famous for its Hainanese Chicken.


Address: 15-19 Wellington St, Central, Hong Kong, China (Central)

Lan Fong Yuen
Lan Fong Yuen has a history of over 50 years and is famous for its pork chop buns and milk tea. Taking a trip to this café is definitely on the top of your lists of things to do. 

Address: G/F2 Gage Street Central, Hong Kong, China (Central)
(852)-25443895, 28540731

Kam Wah Café 
Kam Wah Café is known for its pineapple buns, egg tarts and chicken pies.

Address: 47 Bute Street, Mongkok, Hong Kong, China (Mong Kok)

The tea restaurant menu can be divided into the following categories:

Breakfast – mainly offering fried eggs, pasta, sandwiches and instant noodles with a cup of coffee or tea.

Lunch - Chopped pork roll, omelet and pasta served with tea or coffee of your choice.

Fast Food – The fast food dishes usually consist of rice or spaghetti and are complemented with chicken, beef, pork or fish along with vegetables.

Noodles & Rice – There are a range of noodles stir fried or served in soup. In addition to plain boiled rice you can also choose between baked rice dishes and fried rice.

Roast Meat – The roasted meat includes Char Siu, chicken, roast duck, roast goose, crispy pork and roast pork.

Snacks – From egg tarts to pineapple buns are available to satisfy the sweet tooth. Savory snacks such as club sandwich, chicken wings and a variety of salads are also available.

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