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Hong Kong for Cyclists - Best places to cycle in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong isn’t the best place to cycle as a commuter, but for cyclists who can’t stay away from their eco two-wheelers, it offers cycling routes that are challenging and hilly, or breezy and easy. Urban cycling is well and alive too, though the infrastructure isn’t quite the same as Copenhagen, bike-sharing services such as make bike renting as easy as downloading an app and scanning a QR code. The GPS locks on the bikes are solar-powered too, so eco-conscious travelers will find that a huge plus point. 

If you’re not keen on taking on the traffic and crowds and are looking for a breath of fresh air, mark these cycling routes and get your helmet ready.

Sha Tin to Tai Mei Tuk


Image Credit: Wikimedia 

This is one of the most popular cycling routes that will take you through coastal scenery and is rather free from traffic, isn't hilly, and is partly done on a bike path. The scenery is beautiful as you cruise along the Shing Mun River and along the Tolo Harbour coastline. The final destination, Tai Mei Tuk, is where you can reward yourself with a drink in the seaside village or on the dam.  It’s a 22km route, and there are many points where you can stop to enjoy the view, such as at Pak Shek Kok Promenade where you can get a great view of the Tolo Harbour.

There are bike rental shops in Sha Tin Park, and you don’t have to return them in the same place. Ask the vendor if you can return at either Tai Po, which is towards the final leg of the journey, or at Tai Mei Tuk itself.

Nam San Wai


Image Credit: Flickr

This route takes you far away from the intense action of the city and is a great half-day trip in itself out in the New Territories where you can see traditional villages. Start by getting to Yuen Ling MTR, and head to the Nam Sang Wai Ferry Pier where you can take a ferry across the Shan Pui River where you will begin your trail. You’ll pass by the corridor of River Red Gums, which are actually native Australia. Cruise along woodland and wetlands and try to spot as many birds as you can. The route is rather flat and easy.

You can rent bicycles around the area south of Yuen Look MRT Station Exit E, and return in the same place as the trail is circular and leads you back.

The Peak to Shek O

In for some mountain biking? From The Peak to Shek O, you can get a combination of road biking and mountain biking that is moderately challenging, manageable for the fit, and absolutely scenic. From The Peak, you’d get through Wan Chai and Repulse Bay and then Stanley Road, Tai Tam Road, and finally the start of the mountain biking trail on Shek O Road. Views of mountain and sea are well worth the effort. You need a proper mountain bike for this, so check with the Hong Kong Mountain Bike Association on how you can go about doing this.

Chi Ma Wan


Image Credit: bikemag

This route on Lantau Island offers some spectacular sea views, taking you through the southern coast of the island. You do need some mountain biking skills as the route can be very rocky, and you need to dismount and carry your bike at certain places. Start in Mui Wo where you can rent a bike from the Friendly Bike Shop before you get to the trailhead. One of the biggest attractions of this route is that it’s obviously free from traffic, and there are many beaches and great views that will keep you going. Restaurants in Mui Wo will be where bikers rest and recharge at the start and end of the trip.

Cheng Chau

Image Credit: Wikimedia

Combine cycling with exploring a little picturesque and charming island village. Cheng Chau is where locals escape to for a slower pace and beautiful views and sunsets. Go along the seaside cycling path west of the island, or explore the island fully on a bike. For a stunning panoramic view, bike up to the North Lookout Pavilion for a real cardiovascular exercise. It’s easy to find bike rental shops in Cheng Chau too. End your day with a dinner of fresh seafood, which is something else that the island is known for.

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