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Hong Kong's Best Rooftop Bars With A View

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What do you do in a city that never sleeps, a city of skyscrapers, with a stunning skyline and a harbor to boot? You got that right-head to a rooftop bar! Hong Kong has no lack of rooftop bars and clubs that make you feel like you’re literally at the top of the world regardless of the strength of your cocktail.

Here are the city’s best rooftops for a great night out.


Fu Lu Shou Bar


Image Credit: scmp

Fu Lu Shou feels like a secret gem and a modern cultural experience of East meets West, just like Hong Kong. It feels grungy, edgy, and the terrace opens up to even more towering skyscrapers, which feels more courtyard-like than a posh bar overlooking the world.

Forget about your usual order of mojito and save that for next time. Cocktails are innovative here, like the ‘Joh Sun’ (Good Morning) Cocktail, which is the bar’s signature Hong Kong- fusion cocktail. Forget about bad bar snacks, and dig into delicious Kung Pao Chicken.  

To amp up the cool factor, Fu Lu Shou has door codes that you can call to ask for, or simply check out their Facebook page for that.

Sevva Rooftop Bar


Image Credit: Sevva

Sevva is sophisticated, pricey, boasts a great view, and somehow still manages to be quite relaxed. The greatest feature is the 360-degree view of the skyline and harbor. Come earlier and watch the sun go down on one of the many comfy sofas before the businessmen come in. The menu is extensive and features both Hong Kong and European cuisine.  

It’s a 5-minute walk from Central station, perfect for a night out with one-too-many drinks


If you want to go to a rooftop bar, you might as well go to the highest one in the world, right?

Ozone at Ritz Carlton has been taking away the breaths of countless visitors with its fantastic views and equally stunning décor. It’s not an alfresco bar, possibly due to safety reasons and, honestly, you’d like some strong glass to surround you at that altitude. Even going up to the bar feels like a futuristic experience, you will be rocketed up to level 118 in less than a minute.  

Prices are high to match its elevation, but would you pass up on a chance at some high-altitude to boozing?


Want to tuck into a juicy slab of steak and wash it down with wine and a stunning view?  Wooloomooloo is not just fun to say out loud. It’s also a consistent crowd pleaser.

Situated in Wan Chai, this place is known for having one of the best views of Hong Kong’s skyline, which says quite a lot. Beef cuts from Australia and the U.S are the highlights here, but vegetarians and non-beef diners will not starve. A resident DJ keeps the bar fresh and funky.



Image Credit: Sugar

The thing about rooftop bars is that even if the altitudes aren’t vertigo-inducing, the prices often are. That could explain why Sugar is a popular choice that lets you drink without feeling the need to get so drunk you don’t remember the bill.  

Views are fantastic and expansive, with the harbor being the main star and the skyline fades into the backdrop of the hills. The cocktail selection is extensive, featuring some fascinating options like Joy of Bitterness that has bitter gourd.

Sit alone facing the expansive, unobstructed view of the harbor. Eyebar features a long row of individual seats for the lone drinker or for those times when you’d rather not look at your companions.  

Try the house signature cocktail, Suzie Wong, which is a refreshing blend of Gin Mare and coriander. Other exotic cocktails feature on the menu. 

The Envoy

The Envoy is about stunning views, but this cozy rooftop hideaway feels like a secret sanctuary for a drink or two without the dressiness that comes with many harbour-facing bars.

As one of Asia’s Top 50 bars, The Envoy doesn’t disappoint in the drinks menu.  Signature cocktails are the ultimate expression of East-meets-West. Imagine sipping on alcoholic infusions of ginseng, Kaya Toast, or even wasabi. The Envoy is an excellent choice for a more intimate rooftop alfresco setting that nearly feels like a get-together at a friend’s place.

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