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Hongfeng Lake of Guizhou

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Situated 32 kilometers away from the western suburbs of Guiyang City of Guizhou Province, Hongfeng Lake is the first stop of the attractive golden travel line in Guizhou Province with beautiful, natural and constructed scenery. Hongfeng Lake is one national level scenery spot that combines perfectly with the landscape of lakes and hills on the plateau, karst natural mountains and waters landscape and Chinese southern minority nationalities amorous feeling culture, the scenic area is 200 square kilometers.

There's one red maple trees ridge along the lakeside. Visitor could view somewhat crooked red gum tree growing chiefly along rivers. In late autumn, ring upon ring of maple trees tinted with deep red form stunning scenery that is difficult to describe in words. The hills flaming with maple leaves are a more fiery scarlet. Around the lake is widely distributed with maple trees, the water of the lake is soft and persuasive, the red leaves and green water set each other off beautifully. Red maple trees and vast expanses of blue water are too gorgeous for words, hence the name as the Hongfeng Lake.

People are saying that the Hongfeng Lake is at the same time the largest man-made lake on the Guizhou Plateau. Hongfeng Lake consists of four main scenic areas, including the north lake, the middle lake, the south lake, and the back lake. The north lake became famous worldwide for its island in all their varied shapes and sizes, namely Bird Isle, Snake Isle, Turtle Island and many more. These islands are like the scattered pearls on the vast expanses of water, which have formed the scenery well-known scenic spot, are magnificent and entrust the enjoyment of beautiful desire.

The south lake is the biggest in the area and the most tourist spot. It is famous the world over for many caves and grotesque caves. Enjoy this beautiful scenery and the first thing that catches the eye is one group of picturesque rocks. This is the dainty little Pengjing hill that is naturally formed. The stones here come in at least several dozen colors.

On the both sides of the lake are endless miles of rocky coastline that seem mystical. Some visitors directly call it as the Small Three Gorges. The lake constitutes a unique traditional Chinese painting with its clear water and clusters of pinnacles, which could cast a lot of masculinity over the graceful water. People named it as the "Small Stone Forest." The rocks here have a charming appearance and personality.

On the southern section of the Hongfeng Lake Scenic Area is the construction of the Miao nationality. The first thing before you is unfolding a picturesque scene of luxuriant wooded hills. Their batik dresses are very selective. The Miaos in Guizhou made their dresses that are combination of traditional dresses and prevailing styles in their own way, full of mysterious romantic national breath and romantic feeling of foreign countries. Here visitors could experience the life of the ethnic minorities, for example, they could enjoy folk dance and other performances to their hearts. 

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